About Sorcery Soap™

Tangled Soap

The name of this little soapery, Sorcery Soap™, is meant to be fun and light hearted – poking fun at calling something “magical” until its understood, in this case, SOAP.

To take seemingly unrelated ingredients and make them into something useful, good for your skin and fun to use, is like sorcery. The ability to bring something from only the imagination into reality can be considered a little bit of wizardry or witch craft and most definitely, SORCERY.

On to more interesting topics.

I began making soap because the more I learned about skin, being an esthetician, the more aware I became of what is actually in the products I was using. Just like I do with my food, if I couldn’t pronounce it easily I looked it up. The more I researched the more I was dumbfounded at how naive I’ve been by buying what I “thought” was safe chemicals to put in and on my hair, on my body and face, not to mention what I was eating.

I can’t tell you what to eat, but I can offer a soap that is conditioning for you skin, smells great and is exciting to use.

I hope your heart and your skin love Sorcery Soap™!

This soap journey has educated me and given a more comprehensive understanding of how soap actually works, how skin absorbs certain molecules and what happens to those chemicals once they penetrate the skin barrier.

My promise to you, all soaps made by this Soap Witch are 100% SUPER-natural and poison free.

Making soap brings me joy, and I hope it brings you and yours joy too!

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