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Mind Glitter

Seahorse Soap

There is so much plastic in our oceans our sea life is dying. Not just dying, but being tortured in the process. The idea of this hurts my heart.

I recycle my plastic bags, drove my last car for 13 years being the second person to own it. I don’t buy process and packaged food as much as possible. I cook from raw materials at home and don’t support restaurants, (I know, blasphemy in our fast-food culture). I don’t believe that I need to have that new thing every day. I want to believe because I don’t buy water in plastic bottles that I’m not contributing to the catastrophe of our wildlife. It is not true, but I want to believe I am a terrible consumer.

I live on this plant and I create trash. I eat less than I did 5 years ago and therefore create less waste. I wear my clothes until they are thread-bear and recycle them. I drive as little as possible and I use palm oil. Geez, this topic is complex. I am a walking contradiction.

I strive to lessen my impact on this planet. There are many companies that do NOTHING but what they are mandated by law. I see this as a dishonorable attitude. I see the law as the lowest common denominator of accountability. Most of us would never think of taking something that wasn’t ours, breaking into a home or worse. The law is for everyone. Honorable and dishonorable. The question I ask myself is, “how can I be exceptional?” How can I go above and beyond with self-accountability?

There are nights I have such remorse for what humanity has done to this planet I feel an endless well of despair. Some experts say our seas are beyond repair. Some humans are so inconceivable cruel I cannot begin to understand their motives.

I take this idea into everything I do. How can we be self-accountable, without laws telling us how to behave, with my interactions and my soap making?

Lately I have read a few things about soap making that bothering me.  Glitter.

Yup, there is much talk about banning Mylar glitter.  Because it can get to the water sources. So can a plastic bag.

I don’t have an answer. The older I get, the fewer answers I have. So many things are mucked up. People with extreme wealth, while others struggle for clean water. There is an idea that all things should be equal. They aren’t, not with humans and not in nature. There is an idea that we are all capable of everything. It’s not true. I’m clearly not capable of being a brain surgeon. (I am over simplifying for brevity sake – a huge topic.)

I know this doesn’t sort it all out and might even muddy the waters…

More Specific

We can move toward bio-degradable glitter before legislation does. This is the direction I’m moving with my soap art. Because I have begun to lose interest in glitter, I have focused on micas. Painting with micas, dusting with micas and coloring soap with mica. Curious how one door can shut and something else will appear.

Consider This

My good friend, someone who has been with me for so many years I’ve lost count, presented a philosophical idea to me – do what makes your life bearable. We’re all trying to survive. This statement is true for every living creature and rife with equanimity.

My friend drinks whisky, on occasion. She is fully aware of what alcohol can do to the body taken in large doses. Managed pleasure. I, also, drink a beer or red wine. I don’t do this every day, but on occasion I allow myself a treat. A glass of alcohol with a friend can bring a sparkle to conversation. A version of glitter.

Glitter is a treat. If our waterways were perfect, not one plastic bag was floating around, unrestrained, would glitter on our soap be an issue? Is it the type of glitter? If we come up with a better glitter, can we still have this pleasure?

Are we going to remove all forms of pleasure from our world? How do we balance this idea, some things (by-products from art/industry/existence) are hazardous to us and our environments. We must be specific in our care for ourselves and our planet. Weight the results of our efforts and strive to do better in every area.

I am suggesting considered and conscious thought about our actions, the results of those actions on ourselves, our immediate environments and life as a whole. Taking such full responsibility, nothing is shrugged off. I’m unclear of the impact of glitter on our world and creatures. I’m unclear if it is repairable. I do know glitter delights me. I would happily trade all my plastic bags for the ability to use bio-degradable glitter.  I also know the idea of a tortured creature is not worth any pleasure I might derive from glitter.

How much glitter can be made from one styrofoam egg carton? Is the real issue about glitter, that we cannot recycle it; that our sea life chooses glitter over food? Or that glitter contaminates our food sources? How about the fact that we are over fishing our seas?

I know glitter isn’t made from styrofoam, but let’s ask about the lesser of two evils, not throw the baby out with the bath water. And, in my heart of hearts, I see glitter going the way of mercury or better yet, Apple’s behavior? 


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Soap Plot

Arizona Hummingbird

If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves.     

Arizona Hummingbird
Arizona Hummingbird

Maria Edgeworth

Some days I lose the plot. The plot not just for soap but for life.

Lately I haven’t felt exactly happy. My actions have been motivated to cause happiness. Each time I do something I ask, “will this make me happy?” All these gyrations have produced many things, but not happiness. Life has been a grind.

The other day I asked myself, “what if happiness is no longer the goal?” That’s when I got to the work of of work. That’s when I began to be more productive, and therefore, more satisfied. I became lost in my tasks, deep down the time warp; that creative place where time loses meaning and all that is left is the craft, the task, the doing of the imagined… Life.

Arizona Hummingbird
Arizona Hummingbird

Today, as I grabbed my camera, walked outside and stood patiently waiting for the hummingbirds at their feeder, I realized I was happy. I had a master batch of oils and butters in the crock pot, laundry in the washer and dryer and was taking pleasure in the moody weather, I took a moment to take photos. Photography, like soap, is an odd endeavor. Both require doing, action. I’m photographing some obscurer image, editing images, weighting oils, molding soap, even doing soap dishes. For some reason I forgot. I forgot about the doing. I began to think of all these things hindering my path to happiness. And therefore had lost the plot.

This isn’t the first time I’ve encountered this idea that happiness isn’t the goal of life. I believe life is a series of spirals, and if I’m aware, I can learn more each turn of the spiral, each revisiting of similar events. As I grow older I see less and less that is new, but if I watch I can see things from a new perspective.


New Soaps and Soap Dough available HERE! 

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Touching Soap Base

I want to touch base with you, my Soap Sister-Witches!

I’ve been a little below the radar lately and I’ve figured some things out.

While I’ve been rather quite I’ve been making soap (shocker) and working on the next Sorcery book. This one, “Soap Dough Magic, The Complete Guide To Soap Dough” is much more comprehensive with step-by-steps, favorite soap dough (and bar soap) recipes, mica recipes and more peculiar soap ideas. This takes a LOT of focus and time, but there is much I want to share about the wonders of soap dough.

Hitch Hiker Snail and Gnome Soap
Hitch Hiker Snail and Gnome Soap

As you may, or may not, know I spend most of my time making soap. Not just any soap, but Sorcery Soap. With each soap I want to you to feel as if it’s the most amazing soap you’ve ever seen. I want you to experience shock at a Buttered Popcorn Soap, or delight in a sweet little bunny hugging a carrot or curiosity at a newly hatched Baby Soap Dragon. A tall order. I have set the bar so high for myself I might not full achieve this goal in my life time, but I keep trying.

I find delight to be exactly next to beauty but not out-done by curiosity. All three are personal moments of a sincere connection to the artist’s creation. I think the world could always use more delight and most certainly more beauty and curiosity leads to many great adventures.

I also discovered we all have our form of connection that works for us. Mine is writing. Although I do make videos, and am getting better at presenting information in this format, I love writing. Continuing to work on the next soap dough book has brought some thoughts to the surface. I’m going to offer this book as an audio book as well. I like it when I’m read to, so I figured you might too.

My other form of connection is photography. I love telling stories with pictures. I just had my favorite camera lens repaired. Gosh, that lens has traveled all over with me, hanging off my shoulder in huge pastures of horses, back country round-ups, getting mud-splattered at rodeos and taking soap photos. I didn’t realize it wasn’t functioning correctly and probably hasn’t been for some time. When it finally failed I took it in. What a big difference.

Bring YOUR Light

Bring the best of yourself to the table. Only you know what the very best means. If you keep your light from the world it will have a hole in it the size of your soul. Our world needs more light, your light, exactly as you are. If you have no idea of your purpose, (which is a very big concept) reduce it to this… Do your level best with every single task. Every. Single. Task. Bring your profound energy and attention to washing your soap dishes in equal measure to making your soaps. If you have any doubts, just do this for a year, a month, a week, or just a day. And see what happens. 

I will leave you (for now) with this idea. I have found that moving into new levels of creativity has shown me more shadow in myself, at first, than light, but ohhh… The light!

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Interview with a true Soapsmith, Bonnie Bartley

Bonnie Bartley Allegheny Hearth

Bonnie Bartely is that invaluable resource, she has years of soap making experience having made soap since 1979. I introduce to you Bonnie Bartley, a true Soapsmith from Allegheny Hearth. 

1. How did you arrive at the name of your business? 

Bonnie Bartley Allegheny Hearth Soap
Bonnie Bartley Allegheny Hearth Soap

I wanted a name that would convey my locality. I live in Central Pennsylvania. The area is abundant in natural beauty. My home is located on 5 wooded acres, atop a hill in the heart of the breathtakingly glorious Allegheny Mountains. I also wanted to evoke the feeling of the comfort of home, the warmth of handmade so I chose the word hearth – thus Allegheny Hearth.

2. How long have you been making soaps? 

Bonnie Bartley Allegheny Hearth Soap
Bonnie Bartley Allegheny Hearth Soap

I made my first batches in the early 1970’s. I am always open to various arts and craftsmen projects and like to be challenged by new methods and techniques. I was at the library and found a soap making book. I checked it out and the rest is history. I have been in business over 40 years selling my wares – floral design, dried herbs and botanicals, hand crafts, wedding and party décor, cookie catering, needlework and soap making. Now, my soap/bath and body product business has grown to full capacity so that is the only thing I sell now.

3. What makes you happy to get out of bed regarding soap making? 
After all these years, I still enjoy the process. It is more mass production now utilizing high volume techniques to keep up with orders but I still get a thrill when I see the soap gel. I remember the very first batch I made. After reading up on the process for weeks, ordering supplies (which could only be done by catalog as there was no on line shopping and local stores didn’t carry much more than lard and basic oils) I was a little anxious about making that soap. When it went into gel stage, I literally danced around the kitchen – yay!!!

Bonnie Bartley, Soapsmith Soap
Bonnie Bartley, Soapsmith Soap

4. Where do you find your inspiration for your unique soaps? Are there things in your environment that aid in your creativity?
I am inspired by nature: my garden, the spectrum of colors, the textures, the herbs and flowers, the trees, the fragrances – all of creation. Raw crystals, geodes and mineral formation provide the muse for my gemstone soap.

5. What is your favorite part of soap making?
The satisfaction of my customers is always the epitome of my soap journey. I draw inspiration from them. They are the greatest. Many of them are so kind to take the time to write me notes and emails thanking me for the results they get from using my products. They sing my praises to their friends and neighbors, which grows my business. I am grateful to them and dedicate my efforts to them.

6. What do you do that is not soap related, but aids in your creative thinking?
My gardens, there is nothing like surrounding yourself in the stunning beauty of the outdoors, working the soil, observing the progression of the plants, the interaction of the rains, the sun and the bees. Harvesting the fruits of your labors is so satisfying.

7. What have soaps have you created that surprised you? 

Bonnie Bartley Allegheny Hearth
Bonnie Bartley Allegheny Hearth

I was only surprised by the difference in popularity of soaps of on line shoppers and local shoppers. My top sellers for over 4 decades are slow movers on line and items that literally never sell locally are being shipped by the thousands every year. It was a real learning experience. My on line venues started out slowly. Once I started tracking the stats and reacting to the data they provided did I see the demand is completely different. So I adjusted my product line and things just exploded. Once you determine consumer demand and are able to supply those products – selling is easy. I have amassed almost 4 million views to my on line content and shipped about 60,000 items, pretty amazing.

8. What makes you laugh about making soap?
I garner enjoyment seeing trays of hundreds of soaps on the curing racks. They fragrance the room and delight the senses with the simplicity of handmade cold process soap – pure pleasure. I also greatly enjoy utilizing my own garden grown and wild harvested herbs and botanicals. I do herbal infusions, distill my own hydrosols and essential oils and dry my harvests to be used in my products. It is a thrill to go from garden to harvest to products, truly handmade.

9. What do you want readers to know about you or your soap making business i.e. other products, ingredients, research… Anything you’d like to mention here.
I am always mindful of the many generations of craftsmen who have passed along their skills. I strive to work for the advancement of the craft by honing my methods and techniques. I willingly mentor the next generation of artisans. I do demonstrations and presentations at symposiums and gatherings and I actively participate in soap making forums. In all aspects of my life, I am known for my organization and attention to detail. That attribute greatly contributes to my success in my family life, career, business and volunteer work. I manage my time carefully in order to meet the demands of a busy schedule, Life is beautiful!


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You Might Not Know

Sorcery Soap

I was thinking about you (yup, all of you) in the shower today. Seriously, I do some of my best thinking in the shower.

The easier thing is to talk of negatives. It’s like a human being’s default. Even when I lose my sense of humor I strive to see the “better” of people. I also strive to live in a fact-based reality. This can be a tricky path. How to remain hopeful and grounded in the present? I’ve found it to be more challenging than simply default of grousing with now insight.

My Goal

My goal is to share with you my version of the world. In order to invite you into my world, like my home, I must tidy an already clean house. There you have it, I’m inviting you into my world, my mind and more than that, into my experiences. I will keep it as tidy as possible.

What started this line of thinking was using a bar of Tangled Soap, which is scented with Jade fragrance oil. This is from Bramble Berry. I haven’t used all of Bramble Berry’s products, but those I have used I’m in love with… Not kidding. I love the idea that Anne-Marie has chosen each product. True or not, I like this idea.

You Might Not Know

What you might not know is, I am not paid to tell you any of this – relevant or not – I wanted you to know. It matters to me if someone is paid to say something or not, it speaks to their motives. I realized many might not know that what I write about a soap supply companies is not coerced nor paid for – its my experience of the product.

It takes hours to discover these things I observe: hours of writing, experimentation, contemplation (my favorite part), researching products, ordering, etc. All this takes time. Not a complaint but a fact – stuff takes time.

A few times a year Anne-Marie, CEO of Bramble Berry the official Soap Queen (I like saying that) sends a box of goodies to people in the soap community. I got lucky and received a couple boxes so I created videos: Fragrance Oil Reviews, here.

After using this bar of soap scented with Jade fragrance oil (do pop over to Bramble Berry to read the description because this is a simultaneously authentic and mysterious scent) I realized a few things. (This could be, in part by being lathered by Sorcery and in part by being inspired by the fragrance, hard to say.)

Bramble Berry
Bramble Berry

I’m also using Bramble Berry’s Orange and Coffee Butters on my person  – on my hands, body and hair. Both are marvelous! How have I lived this long without knowing about these butters? Easily absorbed, smells amazing and helps my hands heal after washing exactly one bazillion times each day. (I mold soap most days and this requires much hand washing.)

Another company on my radar is Nurture Soap Supply. I’m just now digging into the vast array of micas and fragrance oils. Learning about a company takes time: time to order, utilize the product and see how I experience it in my world. My latest fragrance oil love is Comfort and Joy. I can’t get enough of this surprising scent. I love apples, apple anything! Most apple fragrance oils I’ve tried have fallen short, but this… Behaved perfectly and held the scent. No discoloration either. When I want to continue to smell a fragrance… That is the true sign for me. This scent causes me delight.

Growing with a company requires observation: how do they treat their own mistakes? Do they care if the client is satisfied? Do they want to make a fair trade, money for product?

Honor and Integrity

I don’t disconnect from any one or any company for a mistake, one or many. Mistakes are part of existence. If I trip and fall I don’t stop walking. My limit, when I do disconnect, is when, or if, someone or company refuses to take responsibility, lack of integrity repeatedly. (Yes, I’ve done this with acquaintances. But what is the point? I don’t want to deceive myself, or you.) If I witness lies repeatedly or a false reality – I will not set my version of reality aside for someone else’s – I don’t expect someone else to do that for me. If something I write or say, or my behaviors help, by all means, adopt them and incorporate them into your reality. I do not see this as a requirement of relationship or friendship. I do see there needs to be a baseline of honor… SOMEWHERE. If we cannot agree to this, there is no hope for business, humans or anything. Humans have been playing this “lying” game for far too long. What if we just got present to what IS verses the words that came out of some people’s face holes? How is it so many think they have something to say they are buried in their phones? I’d rather someone say, “I’ve been an asshole”, than try to lie to me. Oh, and I did mean “try”.

Truth can be a matter of interpretation, some say… I use facts to support my understanding of this world.

It All Comes Out In The Wash

I get the feeling from Nurture Soap / Carrie and Bramble Berry / Anne-Marie that they both care about the soap community. These two companies know we all talk, they know we share information about fine details and our customer service experience. Fear never creates honor, but the desire to do well, pride in one’s work and having a personal honor code. These two heads of Soap State have a personal honor codes.

Nurture Soap Micas and fragrance oil
Soap made with Nurture Soap Micas and Comfort and Joy fragrance oil

Both Nurture Soap and Bramble Berry make money. Thank the gods! I want them to stay in business. I read posts on both of these companies and see them as big contributors to the soap making community. Cripes, Anne-Marie taught me how to make cold process soap along with a crap-ton of other things. I was in awe that she offered all her YouTube videos for FREE! WHAT? Who does that?

Carrie, this Mica Maven, from Nurture Soap investigates her micas, glitter and fragrance oils like nobody’s business, she’s helpful and knowledgable on aspects of micas and glitters and now offering bio, vegan and cruelty free glitters.   Carrie even has a Facebook group where we can dice it up about our products, experiences and post results. That’s trust!

I have had communication with both of these power-house women over the years. Both have treated me with honor, kindness and integrity. My heart is always full when I see an email from either. I will always support those who are kind to me. It doesn’t hurt me at all, and feels good on both sides.

The other part, why I write about companies I like, is to share with you those products I love, and some times, those that don’t go so well, but I steer clear of that non-sense. I’d rather talk about those things that bring me joy, delight me or I’ve found useful. Because if you were in my soapery, I’d tell you, the good and the bad, although let’s focus on soap magic for now.




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Only Soap?

Sorcery Soap

The soap that arrives at your home is the end result of many calculations.

Many processes happen to get the highly detailed soap to you. Would you like to hear the tale of a bar of Sorcery Soap?

Sorcery Soap
Sorcery Soap


The idea strikes. A fragrance oil inspires an idea with images or a moment of inspiration engulfs me while out in nature, or a variety of ways, but the inspiration happens like a wonderful undetectable scent

meant only for me. It’s that subtle. I might be the only one to smell the fragrance, and if that’s the case, I find it my obligation to take some action on it. It’s like a little unrecognizable seed planted, not knowing if it will grow to a might oak or a beautiful rose. So, I take the chance, nurture it best I can, care for it while it grows in hopes it takes root and then tend it when it’s matured.

Here are more pragmatic steps:

  1. Development of cold process soap recipe.
  2. Development of cold process SOAP DOUGH recipe.
  3. Constructing the idea. I see this like idea-gardening.
  4. Development of the soap design, also similar to idea-gardening, but a bit more like landscaping.
  5. Many attempts to create the embellishments, size, shape, details until the idea has matured.
  6. Developing the over-all bar of soap: colors, fragrances, executing process of previous…
  7. Making and creating soap, placing embellishment (which can be tricky at best).
  8. Waiting. Much like a gardener, patience is an alchemists best (and oft-times under utilized) tool.
  9. Un-molding soap very carefully (many soaps have not made the cut because of unrepairable nicks, etc.).
  10. Curing. Not for one moment do I ignore the soaps at this point. It would be like thinking a gardener ignores the plants while growing. I tend them, check on them, examine them as they cure.
  11. Hand beveling edges and general clean-up of each bar of soap, careful to not damage tops.
  12. Developing labels, names, taking photographs along the way… Sharing the progression and valuing each soap, as it is still unknown if they will survive the journey to your home.
  13. Writing ad copy for the website so you know what you will receive in each bar of soap, examining in great detail the scents, to effectively communicate the scent and experience of each soap.
  14. Labeling and shrink wrapping; each stage is a test to see if the soap is sturdy enough to withstand touching, use and shipment. Many soaps are lost at this stage as well. This is, in part, why I strive to develop soap embellishments that lay down, or few parts that stick up, to avoid breakage. It does me little good to make something so elaborate it breaks during the shipment, because I strive to create the very opposite of disappointment – the goal is to create such delight you hesitate to use the soap. Ah, but eventually all soaps will be used, either by you or time.

There is another aspect that I don’t share much, we utilize a bit of each soap, either a sample or a full bar, in our homes and on our persons. I think its important to know how each soap preforms, particularly when using a new recipe.

When I read that a person’s goal is to make money with a soap business I am a bit disappointed. Now, not everyone does everything with identical motives, however, this process, this care that is involved with soap creations is not about that device of trade we have labeled money. It’s like saying that someone is learning to grow flowers to make money. Any art form… It will work, but what will be the out come? This process, Sorcery Soap, not only tests all my artistic skill, but also grows my person, my soul. How can I quantify how rich my life is with each one of you in it? How can I quantify the colorful tapestry of creativity that floats in my world now? And, to think… Its only soap.

Bee the Soap Witch

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Threw This Out

Harvest Moon Fox

I almost threw this little Arctic Fox in the trash.

Harvest Moon Fox
Harvest Moon Fox

Not even kidding, the fragrance was so strong after I made it had I not had a room to store it in, away from the rest of the house, I might have. I have thrown other soaps out because of the fragrance oil. A Fruit soap pie, Hansel and Gretel Pie, for instance. The entire thing in the trash. Also, an Apple pie soap, although both took a ton of time, I couldn’t tolerate the scent. Out of the bottle it was fine, but as they cured, they were horrible… to me.

How can I offer a soap that I refuse to allow in my home? I can’t truly believe in it.

And, let’s say I do make it available and others love it, I get requests to make more of a scent that is offensive to my olfactory… I will have created the rock and the hard place. I, no one else, will have created that experience.

So, when I un-molded this Harvest Moon (by Nature’s Garden) Arctic Fox I was gravely disappointed. The scent, acceptable out of the bottle, was over powering as it cured. I stuck it in the spare room and let it do what it would do. Now, a month later, and the scent has calmed down I’m fully in love with it. Who knew?

Lesson learned. Now, after all the soaps I’ve offered to the soap gremlins at their altar (the garbage bin) I will be a bit more patient with delicate and moody fragrance oils. After all, I can be similar in nature.

Now you know, any scents or Sorcery Soap fragrance blends I make I love. Truly love them, and use some or all of the fragrances in my own home. When I can create a moment, inspired by a scent, in your private sanctuary (the shower or bath) that can transform, even for a moment, I feel as if I’m doing my job. More then that, I’m living my deep purpose.

Apple Pie Soap

Hansel and Gretel Soap



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Winter Solstice and Soap Gifts

Sorcery Soap

As we approach the shortest day of the year I become reflective and quiet. Thinking of this past year, of all the great soapers and creatives in the Facebook Sorcery Creations group, all of you who have

Sorcery Soap
Sorcery Soap

believed in Sorcery Soaps and invited my version of magic into your homes – I feel incredibly grateful. You are my friends. Maybe not stop-by-for-coffee friends, but still, friends.

When Sorcery Soap began a few people who I considered friends had surprising things to say about my soap making adventures. One told me they hated “crafts” and that she wasn’t crafty. When I mentioned I started an Instagram page she said, “who’s really going to follow soap?” Someone else said, “I don’t use bar soap” so refused to accept my gifts. All this, as if my ideas had anything to do with them. Not one asked if I was happy making soap, peaceful, curious… In anyway, satisfied.

With great generosity in my heart and delight at my new found abilities and passion, I had gifted many of those same people soaps. Maybe not pretty, but certainly successful healthy soap. I had known these people for years. My desire for understanding, balance, seeking my truth and researching the healthiest options over the years had not impacted them at all.

The one person who has believed in me, never doubted, and endlessly encouraged me, was my man, my love, my moon and stars. He gave me a small amount of money to begin my experiments, thought I could make soap while I spent a year watching videos and asking questions, reading soap recipes and listening patiently to my endless excitement about my new information. He watched some soap videos with me. As you can guess, he was kind albeit bored. Not one time did he question my desire to learn, understand and research. He knew. He knows how much I like reading and investigating a subject.

Of all those people only one person purchased my soap – my ex-husband. He didn’t have to, I would have given him whatever soaps he wanted, but he insisted. He said, you spent time and want to… He and I had been married for many years, friends before and after our marriage. He wanted to support me and for the first time, purely free of ego and self-importance. It healed something between us. His purchase, (even asking for more) which was enough to encourage me. Just that. A man who had known me since I was just 23 (a lifetime ago) seemed to know how important this was for me.

Through soap I have met many amazing people. People who have stood for me, supported and encouraged me, overtly or simply by being kind. I have lost “friends”, realized more clearly who is important, and who can see me – who can see my mind’s manifestations. Revealing one’s creativity to those close would seem safe – friends – and showing strangers new creations would seem to make one vulnerable. I found the opposite. I have made greater and deeper connections from people all over the world, revealed my truer nature and found that to be a greater gift than to show that part of myself to those who I thought knew me. It was a massive rethinking, a shift and cleaning out of the old to embrace the new.

Cheers to all the new and possible soap friends! Cheers to your holiday with those who really do know you and those who you have yet to meet. Happy Holidays!


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In Time for the Holidays Soap Release

Arctic Fox Sorcery Soap

New Soaps now available in time for the holidays. Not many of each, along with many other unique soaps for stocking stuffers.

Adjusted and lower 1st Class USPS shipping options as well.

Some of the soap cookies (among others) that will be included in your order:

White Soap Cookies
White Soap Cookies
Santa Soap Cookie
Santa Soap Cookie

Arctic Fox Soap

Drunk Duck Soap

Tangled Soap


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A Month in Sorcery Soapery

Grinch Soap Cookies

Much happens in one month. Here is a quick peek at some soaps created by the head Soap Witch. 😉 If you like these images follow Sorcery Soap on Instagram. 

Sea Shells and Sea Goddess Soaps, Walnut Fudge, Santa Soap Cookies, Harvest Moon Fox, Temptation/Apple Jack, Sorcery Soap Samples, and Sorcery Soap Cookies. Free Surprise Soap cookies in your order! 

Sea Shells

Sea Goddess

Sea Goddess Too

Maple Walnut Fudge Soap

Santa Soap Cookie

Harvest Moon Fox

Tempation Soap

Sorcery Soap Samples

Soap Cookies

If you like these images follow Sorcery Soap on Instagram. 

To shop Sorcery Soaps, visit here! 

Grinch Soap Cookies
Grinch Soap Cookies