Chicken Soap

The Original Chicken Soap by Sorcery Soap

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Original Sorcery Chicken Soap for the Soul

Each bar of chicken soap is colored grass green base and topped with soap shavings where a few chicken eggs and a hen and a chick are nested. Each little hen and chick is hand sculpted and painted with soap mica.

What is Chicken Soap?

All of these little chickens are unique and original, each one is hand molded.

The entire soap is cold process soap.


These cold process Chicken Soap are scent with a custom fragrance “Mossy Grass” which is fresh and the loveliest idea of grass. Other Mossy Grass soaps are my Tangled Series.

On top, are added shaved soap from my Dragon Soaps for the idea of grass, and in the grass are eggs and the hens.


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