Sorcery Products Soap Dough Full Kit

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Sorcery Products ™ Soap Dough Kit (15 Sets / 60 pieces) Full Kit

Premium hand molding cold process soap dough and fondant and tool set for your creative use.

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Sorcery Products™ Soap Dough Set (15 Sets / 60 pieces) Full Fondant and Cookie Cutter Kit

Premium hand molding cold process soap dough and fondant and tool set for your creative use.

Sorcery Soap™ spoke worked this kit into existence exactly as it is, a custom kit for all your soap embellishment needs. This kit has two sets of hand tools, not just one. A larger set and smaller set for finer details.

Get started with your own Sorcery Soap Dough Kit for embellishments and embeds! Soap Dough can be acquired here! 

Made easy for you to get started making enchanted, unique flower, stars, blossoms and leaves all made in cold process soap.

Included in Sorcery Products™ Soap Dough Set (15 Sets / 60 pieces):

  • 3 pc Butterfly plunger set
  • 4 pc Small Flower Plunger set
  • 3 pc Small Heart Plunger set
  • 3 pc Leaf Detailed Plunger set
  • 3 pc Large Blossom Flower Plunger set
  • 3 pc Tribal Flower Plunger set
  • 3 pc Star Plunger Set
  • 4 pc Small Blossom Flower Plunger set
  • 3 pc Star Cutter Set
  • 3 pc Snowflake Cutter set
  • 4 pc Flower cutter set
  • 1 Rolling Pin
  • 1 Smoother
  • 14 pc 5” Sculpting Hand Tool set
  • 8 pc 6.5” Sculpting Hand Tool set
  • Create professional looking, uniform designs using both edible and non-edible materials
  • Use: fondant, cake, gum paste, soap and clay
  • Sorcery Products ™ is committed to helping YOU be Fabulously creative!

You will need to provide:

  • Corn starch
  • Muslin Dusting bag can be helpful.
  • 91% alcohol
  • Your own excitement!
  • Soap Dough


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Top Customer Reviews

Verified Purchase

The incredible fast shipping was not the best part. I had to stay up late playing with these. It was the most fun I had since my first Easy Bake Oven – even more cause I’m a grown-up now and nobody made me go to bed. The seller is a soap making master and shares so much info that it’s almost impossible not to want these. I used to be a Fimo artist and would love to have had these. For soap decorating they are just, well, magical. The only problem is they give me more ideas than I can possibly do. Everything works wonderfully too. Buy these for a happy day!!

Verified Purchase

Great product! Fast shipping and seller includeD a very nice handwritten thank you note. Can’t wait to use for decorating soap!


Verified Purchase

So happy with these products! I would highly recommend this set, there are so many pieces and such a wide variety of styles, the price is amazing! They perform very well and the shipping was super fast, very satisfied customer 🙂


Verified Purchase

I can’t wait to use these for my soap molding. This is a great packet of tools, with complimentary shapes for layering, and having several sizes for your designs – as well as a roller, and tools to affix, shape, and detail your pieces.


Verified Purchase

Highly recommend I have spent hours using these great tools with soap making flowers and designs. I never tire of it. The possibilities for creativity are endless. Adriana – JoyFilledWeddings on Etsy

2 reviews for Sorcery Products Soap Dough Full Kit

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Natalie Stone

    This is an amazing kit. More than I imagined. It comes with many tools and everything you would possibly need to work with soap dough. My first attempt with soap dough turned out well. You will not be disappointed in what you get, and the price is excellent!!

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Cherie Ciardini

    I love love LOVE this full soap dough kit! I have been wanting a few tools to create some small embellishments for my cold processed soaps and this fits the ticket! It is a nice kit with a lot of nice shapes and tools included. This kit is a great price, especially if you were to purchase these pieces separately!
    Put together with Bee’s magic touch this kit felt like opening a Christmas gift!
    I love the Lil extras too. So sweet and generous! I have been having a lot of fun with these and isn’t that the point? Love this kit! Thanks Bee! 🙂 ♡

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