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Sorcery Soap Apothecary and Enchantments has Moved!

Wooden Witch Sign
Hi all!
So the move went well, but there were a few hitches. Soap Witch Bee
We now live closer to the tree tops, a rare thing in the low desert of Arizona. Our little nest is shaping up nicely.
The movers were kind and polite. One of the guys saw a mock up of the book cover. I’m writing a book about soap, so I had a copy of the cover taped to the wall. The title says something like, “A Sorcery Soap Witch’s Enchanted Book…”. He told me he was scared of me, but then realized I made soap and relaxed. This secretly made me laugh, but he was so sweet I gave him a Novel Soap bar and a few other less overtly sorcery-ed soaps. Although, you all know each one of my soaps have a huge dash of enchantments mixed in, he didn’t need to know. 😉 Its all in good fun and meant to help him enjoy his bathing experience, which he was in dire need of after the move. We all were. 
The movers felt inclined to help and didn’t say a word about not being allowed to move liquids until oil was dripping from a large box. They sheepishly called up stairs, “Miss, Miss!” I came out to see oil pouring down the stairs. I had no idea they couldn’t move oils. I had moved all my soaps, much of my things I don’t like others to touch and more sensitive things like camera gear, days before. I would have moved the oils too. I now know for next time, but that didn’t help as I was scrubbing coconut oil from our belongings. I had not asked them to move the buckets, but some how they chose to move my huge buckets of oil for me – truly kind of them, and maybe my soap sorcery landed on all my inventory and supplies. 
Enchantments apparently do not isolate but engulf the area. 😉
Well, I can tell you scrubbing oily things wasn’t what I had in mind on our moving day, but if that’s all that happened, I feel fortunate. Now I’m in my little, but bigger, soaping apothecary and it is beginning to feel like home.
The ideas are floating everywhere. I’m taking copious notes and will begin making new soaps for the fall, wrapping up the finishing touches on my book and keeping you all informed about the new batches of soap dough coming out soon! 
Thank you for all your words of support and encouragement. I thought of nothing else for the last few weeks but getting back at the art of Sorcery Soaping.

These are the signs from GoldieLoo Woodworks I purchased for the new soaping soapery and I can’t wait to hang them!

Sorcery Soap Wooden Witch SignSorcery Soap Kindred Spirits

5 thoughts on “Sorcery Soap Apothecary and Enchantments has Moved!

  1. I am glad your settling in to the new place and I hope you are happily creative there. Sorry about the bucket of coconut oil, been there done the t-shirt.

    Happy Creating

  2. LOL Omneya! I’m in good company. Thank you! 🙂

  3. I was just thinking about you, so your post was well timed! Glad to hear you are moved into your new place. I have yet to have a move go without at least one major hiccup; sorry for the oil snafu. Looking forward to seeing some new soap once you’re settled!

  4. I’m glad you had good movers. I wish you much joy and creativity in your new space above the trees.

  5. Your shoppe sounds like a delightful place to visit. Wish I lived in the area! At least the oil was coconut, which isn’t nearly expensive to replace as so many others, but still the mess can be about the same. Hope your new location is a good one for a very long time for you.

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