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You Might Not Know

Sorcery Soap

I was thinking about you (yup, all of you) in the shower today. Seriously, I do some of my best thinking in the shower.

The easier thing is to talk of negatives. It’s like a human being’s default. Even when I lose my sense of humor I strive to see the “better” of people. I also strive to live in a fact-based reality. This can be a tricky path. How to remain hopeful and grounded in the present? I’ve found it to be more challenging than simply default of grousing with now insight.

My Goal

My goal is to share with you my version of the world. In order to invite you into my world, like my home, I must tidy an already clean house. There you have it, I’m inviting you into my world, my mind and more than that, into my experiences. I will keep it as tidy as possible.

What started this line of thinking was using a bar of Tangled Soap, which is scented with Jade fragrance oil. This is from Bramble Berry. I haven’t used all of Bramble Berry’s products, but those I have used I’m in love with… Not kidding. I love the idea that Anne-Marie has chosen each product. True or not, I like this idea.

You Might Not Know

What you might not know is, I am not paid to tell you any of this – relevant or not – I wanted you to know. It matters to me if someone is paid to say something or not, it speaks to their motives. I realized many might not know that what I write about a soap supply companies is not coerced nor paid for – its my experience of the product.

It takes hours to discover these things I observe: hours of writing, experimentation, contemplation (my favorite part), researching products, ordering, etc. All this takes time. Not a complaint but a fact – stuff takes time.

A few times a year Anne-Marie, CEO of Bramble Berry the official Soap Queen (I like saying that) sends a box of goodies to people in the soap community. I got lucky and received a couple boxes so I created videos: Fragrance Oil Reviews, here.

After using this bar of soap scented with Jade fragrance oil (do pop over to Bramble Berry to read the description because this is a simultaneously authentic and mysterious scent) I realized a few things. (This could be, in part by being lathered by Sorcery and in part by being inspired by the fragrance, hard to say.)

Bramble Berry
Bramble Berry

I’m also using Bramble Berry’s Orange and Coffee Butters on my person  – on my hands, body and hair. Both are marvelous! How have I lived this long without knowing about these butters? Easily absorbed, smells amazing and helps my hands heal after washing exactly one bazillion times each day. (I mold soap most days and this requires much hand washing.)

Another company on my radar is Nurture Soap Supply. I’m just now digging into the vast array of micas and fragrance oils. Learning about a company takes time: time to order, utilize the product and see how I experience it in my world. My latest fragrance oil love is Comfort and Joy. I can’t get enough of this surprising scent. I love apples, apple anything! Most apple fragrance oils I’ve tried have fallen short, but this… Behaved perfectly and held the scent. No discoloration either. When I want to continue to smell a fragrance… That is the true sign for me. This scent causes me delight.

Growing with a company requires observation: how do they treat their own mistakes? Do they care if the client is satisfied? Do they want to make a fair trade, money for product?

Honor and Integrity

I don’t disconnect from any one or any company for a mistake, one or many. Mistakes are part of existence. If I trip and fall I don’t stop walking. My limit, when I do disconnect, is when, or if, someone or company refuses to take responsibility, lack of integrity repeatedly. (Yes, I’ve done this with acquaintances. But what is the point? I don’t want to deceive myself, or you.) If I witness lies repeatedly or a false reality – I will not set my version of reality aside for someone else’s – I don’t expect someone else to do that for me. If something I write or say, or my behaviors help, by all means, adopt them and incorporate them into your reality. I do not see this as a requirement of relationship or friendship. I do see there needs to be a baseline of honor… SOMEWHERE. If we cannot agree to this, there is no hope for business, humans or anything. Humans have been playing this “lying” game for far too long. What if we just got present to what IS verses the words that came out of some people’s face holes? How is it so many think they have something to say they are buried in their phones? I’d rather someone say, “I’ve been an asshole”, than try to lie to me. Oh, and I did mean “try”.

Truth can be a matter of interpretation, some say… I use facts to support my understanding of this world.

It All Comes Out In The Wash

I get the feeling from Nurture Soap / Carrie and Bramble Berry / Anne-Marie that they both care about the soap community. These two companies know we all talk, they know we share information about fine details and our customer service experience. Fear never creates honor, but the desire to do well, pride in one’s work and having a personal honor code. These two heads of Soap State have a personal honor codes.

Nurture Soap Micas and fragrance oil
Soap made with Nurture Soap Micas and Comfort and Joy fragrance oil

Both Nurture Soap and Bramble Berry make money. Thank the gods! I want them to stay in business. I read posts on both of these companies and see them as big contributors to the soap making community. Cripes, Anne-Marie taught me how to make cold process soap along with a crap-ton of other things. I was in awe that she offered all her YouTube videos for FREE! WHAT? Who does that?

Carrie, this Mica Maven, from Nurture Soap investigates her micas, glitter and fragrance oils like nobody’s business, she’s helpful and knowledgable on aspects of micas and glitters and now offering bio, vegan and cruelty free glitters.   Carrie even has a Facebook group where we can dice it up about our products, experiences and post results. That’s trust!

I have had communication with both of these power-house women over the years. Both have treated me with honor, kindness and integrity. My heart is always full when I see an email from either. I will always support those who are kind to me. It doesn’t hurt me at all, and feels good on both sides.

The other part, why I write about companies I like, is to share with you those products I love, and some times, those that don’t go so well, but I steer clear of that non-sense. I’d rather talk about those things that bring me joy, delight me or I’ve found useful. Because if you were in my soapery, I’d tell you, the good and the bad, although let’s focus on soap magic for now.




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Sorcery Soap Saying

Something happened and it’s my FAULT

I offered this coupon “MOVETHESOAPWITCH” but forgot to update it AND save it. It was all my fault.

For all those who tried and couldn’t make it work, to repair my integrity (after I talked about it, blogged and posted) I want to offer this new coupon:

“MOVETHESOAPWITCH25” for 25% off EVERYTHING, even ebooks!

I know this is extreme AND I want to ship as much to you as possible.

Seems fair enough, yes?

So much is happening at Sorcery Soapery

1.) Sorcery Soapery is moving

2.) Sorcery Soap received Bramble Berry Gemstone Fragrance line

3.) Bee and J reviewed Bramble Berry’s Gemstone Fragrance line: SEE VIDEO HERE

4.) We, well me, is packing our household and Sorcery Soapery up (J will help eventually).

5.) Offering a NEW Sorcery Soap Coupon for 25% off: “MOVETHESOAPWITCH25” at check out (copy and paste “MOVETHESOAPWITCH25”)

6.) Packing orders and shipping them all over the world! (Big THANK YOU!)

7.) Blooper Video Here

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Bramble Berry Gemstone Fragrance Review

Bramble Berry Fragrance Oil Review by Sorcery Soap

So much is happening at Sorcery Soapery

1.) Sorcery Soapery is moving

2.) Received Bramble Berry Gemstone Fragrance line

3.) Reviewed Bramble Berry’s Gemstone Fragrance line: SEE VIDEO HERE

4.) Packing our household and Sorcery Soapery up

5.) Offered a Sorcery Soap Coupon for 20% off: “MOVETHESOAPWITCH” at check out (copy and paste “MOVETHESOAPWITCH”)

6.) Packing orders and shipping them all over the world! (Big THANK YOU!)

7.) Blooper Video Here

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Fragrance Oil Talk

Honeysuckle Rainbow Sorcery Soap

Let’s talk about fragrance oils.

For many soap makers scenting soap is a the holy grail. Along the way toward that holy grail, there are lots of tricky business.

Zesty Lemon Sorcery Soap
Zesty Lemon Sorcery Soap

There are so many companies that sell fragrance oils for soap making. Bramble Berry, Nurture Soap Supply, Nature’s Garden, Candle Science, Fillmore Container (True Scents), Aztec International, Wholesale Supplies Plus, just to name a few.

I’ve learned a few things about fragrance oils.

The scent I experience right out of the bottle doesn’t lie. I need to be present to that attraction or repulsion. Being aware of this response doesn’t have to stop me from using the fragrance oil, but being aware that the fragrance oil is helpful.

When  fragrance oil accelerates or discolors doesn’t immediately take it off my roster. I need to take more care with it, treat it more gently and incorporate the behaviors of that particular fragrance oil in the design, if I want to enjoy it. I remember most of those that move fast or discolor. Many of my pies have gone in the trash because I’ve tried fruit scents with them. They were overwhelming and potent. That doesn’t mean you won’t like them, so I don’t list them, but I do not. I honor that about me. If I were to offer something I can’t stomach in my world, how could I stock it?

I have also learned that if I don’t like a fragrance oil in soap I cannot offer it. I can’t get behind the entire soap and say, “yeah, this is awesome.” Which is what I want to say. I want to create something extraordinary, something you can’t live without, at least trying once.

What do you want your soap to smell like? The ocean in winter? Meadow flowers in spring? The scent of fresh hay, leather and the hint of barn wood? How about fresh cut grass the first day of summer vacation?

I look for scents that are either so unique they create new memories, or sincere scents that drum up old pleasant memories. Right behind this desire to create something that makes a series of images in your mind I want you to get present to that moment – ground in that very moment of your present state while experiencing your soap. Yes, all that I ask from my fragrance oils and blends.

The last two companies, I used a lot of them, couldn’t like any but those listed, and love them. I can’t live without them.

This is my cultivated list. All those that have a “Y” means yes I would or have purchased again. Those I have listed are ones I happen to have, like, but not enough to buy again for the following reasons: 1.) I haven’t used it yet, 2.) I haven’t found a soap to use it in yet (like Whiskey) 3.) No answer means I might buy it again, but not soon. Those I have a big Yes to, means I love it so much I will use it for-EVER!




Buy Again?

Fillmore Container – True Scent

Christmas Tree


Freshly Cut Grass


Irish Moss






Love Spell




Sweet Pea


Willow Blossom


Bramble Berry



Cedar & Amber

Cocoa Butter Cashmere


Vermont Maple

Moroccan Mint

Sparkling Snowdrops


WSP – Crafter’s Choice

Almond & Honey


Honey & Almond


Blood Orange


Orange Sapphire


Honeysuckle Hollow






Freshly Zested Lemon


Apple Jack & Peel


Santa’s Tree Farm

 Large Bottle

Pink Grapefruit


Candle Science

Ocean Breeze


Day at the Spa


Blue Spruce




Peach Nectar






Blueberry Cobbler

Basil & Herb


Apple Harvest


Strawberry Shortcake


Frankincense & Myrrh


Black Sea


Blue berry Cheesecake






Cassis & Amber


Nature’s Garden

Brown Sugar & Fig



Barn Wood



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Sorcery Happenings

Gnome Soap Cookies

Much has happened this last week, as much happens so regularly I forget to bring it to the foreground. I will make a greater effort to do this in our upcoming year. I am also working on new videos to show you how each of the Sorcery creations is made. Check out the videos collection that is on the youtube Sorcery Soap channel now.

The temperatures in the low desert have dropped after some rain, which is how temperatures tend to change here.

After looking around Soap Queen’s site I ran across some mentions from Anne-Marie I had not noticed before. This created some cheer here at Sorcery Soapery, just to be acknowledged by the Queen of Soap is an honor. Bramble Berry mentions Sorcery Soap

Bramble Berry mentions Sorcery Soap










The other news for Sorcery Soap is a new soap called Boudica.

Boudica Sorcery Soap
                                                                              Boudica Sorcery Soap

This soap is based on the ancient fierce Queen. Boudica (d. AD 60 or 61) was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. She did not abide by the customary roles of a woman in her time, but did what was necessary to defend, protect and avenge her family.

This soap is scented with Rhubarb and Fig fragrance which is sweet and sharp, and each loop of these chains are hand made from cold process soap with great intention to the user of this soap, as well as each key, heart and bauble. The pink hearts are dusted with Flash Dance from Mad Oils. A new soap for the upcoming holidays will be available by Valentine – in celebration of the change of the seasons, ready for Imbolc – the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

This soap is made with Meadowfoam oil, which is one of my new favorite oils, for all the great qualities and it’s unique ability to help stabilize the other oils.


Imbolc (ihm-olk) Imbolg or Oimelc
Traditional date: Feb 2
Actual astrological date: Feb 4 in 2016
Midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox
Second Celtic fire festival (female)
Gaelic or Welsh “Imbolg” means “spring” (have not confirmed)
Festival of Lights, St Brigid’s Day
Celebrates the quickening of spring, the end of winter, time of abundance of milk
Time of planning and hopes, fire and purification are prominent factors
Ceremonies involve water, candles pledges and planting a hope or a seed, making candles
Burn your Christmas tree and light candles
Colours: Red, orange, white
Evolved into Groundhog Day: Scots looked for serpents leaving their winter holes. A Gaelic hag goddess, who rules the winter months, Cailleach, gathers her firewood for the rest of the winter. If the day is sunny, she gathers a great deal of wood, thusly the winter will continue for some time. If the day is rainy, she will not gather much wood and the remaining winter will be short.


The other new creation from the Sorcery Soap are Gnome Soap Cookies. Each little cookie is made with a custom cookie cutter (I made it) and scented with Mad Oils Velvet Peppercorn fragrance oil. Just enough spice to remind you that gnomes are slightly mischievous. These Sorcery Soap Cookies will be available by the new year.

Gnome Soap Cookies
                  Gnome Soap Cookies

Here’s hoping your holiday shopping is over, that all goes smoothly in your near future and that you have an abundance of creativity in your new year.

If you need a few more things for your holidays, Sorcery Soap can ship this week and (all things being equal) your purchases will arrive 2-3 days after ordering. 

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Bramble Berry Soap Queen Interview with a Soap Witch

Sorcery Soap Banner

I am absolutely thrilled and honored to share this interview with you.

Please visit Soap Queen’s website to read the full interview. 

Bee of Sorcery Soap (also known as “The Soap Witch”) creates amazing products with hand molded details and shapes. She uses her own soap dough recipe to create horses, flowers, birds, books and gnomes (and so much more). Bee shares the techniques on her YouTube channel as well as her soap blog. I’m in awe of each of her projects; they are extremely innovative and push the boundaries of what can be created with cold process soap! Learn more about Bee’s journey with soap dough, including her tips on getting started in the interview below. -A.M.   Read more…


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Favorite Soap Blogs and Soap Help

Wicked Apple Soap

Favorite Soap blogs and soaping sites that are good to know.

Wicked Apple
Wicked Apple available 6/1

I have more bookmarked soap sites than I care to admit. There are tons of soap blogs, youtube channels and websites. I chose these links for a few reasons:

  1. Found them easy to navigate and delightful to visit.
  2. Helpful information.
  3. Learned something new.
  4. Enjoy the person presenting and have come to recognize these people in a variety of social media outlets and still like them.
  5. Found inspiration from their sites/channel.


Here are some Soapers I visit regularly, in no particular order.

Here we go:

Royalty Soaps –  Delightful, informative and just plain fun to watch Katie make her high-top signature style soaps.

Lovin Soap Studio – Amanda writes a weekly newsletter, shares tons of great and helpful soap information, everything from an extensive soap coloring guide to soap ebooks.

Van Yulay – A resource for a large variety of unique soap molds. I have only bought one mold, but it was great and I get tons of inspiration from this site.

Swift Craft MonkeyTons of detailed, extensive and some times random, information about many aspects of soap making from a scientific mind, (if not scientific at least someone who share what’s down the rabbit hole, and I can appreciate that.)

Soap Queen TV – This channel’s star is Anne-Marie, she’s very approachable and my favorite part of her helpful youtube videos are her bloopers at the end of her videos. Anne-Marie runs a great Instagram channel and has Bramble Berry, offering a wide variety of soap supplies.

Making Soap Magazinetoo many helpful and insightful articles to recount, but take a look at who’s on the cover for March/April 2016. I’ll bet you will recognize this soaping icon.

Sorcery Soap’s Pinterest Soap Board – if you find yourself in dire need of inspiration, I run a Soap board where I scour Pinterest for the best soaps I can find. I have 1,100 soap pins!