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Temporary Nature

White Sorcery Soap Cookies

Observation of seemingly obvious tasks can offer insights.

I master-batch my soap dough. I use a dedicated crock pot to melt hard oils and butters; 76 degree fahrenheit coconut oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter are semi-hard before melting. In order to combine them with liquid oils this requires changing their temporary nature.

I use a dedicated crock pot for a simple reason – I was taught while studying meditation we sit in the same position, wear the same meditation shawl and sit on the same mediation pillow all made of simple cloth. I asked my teachers repeatedly, “why?” The over-riding answer was, because it helps to achieve a deeper level of meditation.  I cannot speak to those slightly superstitious and less scientific answers like “your energy is infused into the objects,” all of which I listened to with a large dose of skepticism. How are these people, who dedicate their lives to a peaceful existence, not grounded in fact?

I have come to understand we operate on many levels – conscious, unconscious, sub-conscious and automatic, just to name a few. We do things based on prompts and routine like brushing one’s teeth. After so many years of doing a task, we have reflex behaviors like Pavlov’s dog, and no longer think of the task.

Pink Sorcery Soap Cookies
Pink Sorcery Soap Cookies

We can also create muscle memory. Those who participate in sports understand this type of memory that is built into the very fibers, tendons, connective tissue of the muscles change, alter and adapt to the skill; this muscle memory can grow talent; this is an application of an idea to the very tissues of a human being. Sit with that concept for a moment.

Do you see how magnificent and alchemical this process is, at its core? This could be renamed, simply, magic.

To have a dedicated crock pot is not to propose that the structure of the crock pot changes, but my response to the object changes. It is now a prompt of creation. A doorway into unknown worlds. A tool I use to open up ideas inside myself, or open myself up to the ideas in another dimension and pull them into our reality, our dimension.

My crock pot is now part of my ritual; part of my process, to opening that door only I can see. It is no longer the object I create over-cooked chicken, or a lazy dinner, but incites action in my mind/body that help me see the door to the room filled with ideas.

To have a truly smooth soap, be it bar or soap dough, the melted oils and butters need to be in a certain state; to marry to the liquid oils, to unify them into a temporary nature. If not joined in this ideal state the results will not be smooth, on so many levels. The same can be said for relationships, eating, health… all things.

I observe my nature must be patient, as calm as morning lake, undisturbed with the process if I wish to be invited through the doorway into the room of creativity where my nature will changed, temporarily.



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Pink Soap

Pink Soap

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Interesting pink soap, and its still teaching me things.

This soap will be ready in about a month, and for now I don’t want to forget what I’ve learned.


neon pink soap


I used Lard, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, silk and coconut milk in this pink soap. Milk, soap and I don’t do well. I’ve not made a soap that I felt happy with so far adding milk. I’ll get the hang of it, if I ever do it again!

This soap will do what its intend for, and I take comfort in that, and still clean. Not only will it clean, based on the ingredients it’ll clean without over drying skin.

And Silk! There is silk in this soap too…

Colors and Scent

I used neon pink colorant, black oxide, titanium dioxide and bright orange. I scented it with Lemongrass essential oil and I suspect between that and the coconut milk, it heated up.

pink lemongrass soapMy temperatures, lye and oils, were about 85 degrees fahrenheit. I left off 1/3 of the required water to mix in powdered coconut milk. As I added the lye I mixed it in and immediately added the separated water and coconut milk. This soap was a good pudding consistency and began to thicken toward the end.

What I find interesting about this soap is the gel circle in the center. I made this last night at about 9 pm. Put it in the freezer and left it there until I took it out before I went to bed, about 2 AM.  I’m truly surprised it gelled.

This morning, it was still warm. I put it in the freeze for about an hour and when I unmolded it was still warm on the bottom.

Odd. No matter, it’ll do what I intended and I’m excited to use it. I can hardly wait until its cured!


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