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Experiment Challenge for You

Holiday Soap Buttons

I have an experiment for you or call it a challenge. I challenge you to make presentable cold process soap in a week.  Think it’s impossible?

The next time you make your normal cold process soap cut a slice off and leave it. Just leave and count the days until you feel you can use it. I should take about a week.

When you use it, does it bubble? Is it hard? The thicker the soap cookie the longer it will take to cure, but the thinner it is, the shorter the time.

Now, the next time you are under a deadline for a gift, or a time crunch, make a soap cookie.

Use a cookie cutter and push it into that slice of soap. Do it a few times and you have many gifts. (Embellishments are a bonus, like decorating a great tasting cookie.)

If you take this a bit further and prepare to make soap cookies by making soap dough you will have many soap cookies, just like a batch of cookies.

This is a quick way to share cold process soap with friends and family that collapses those 4-6 weeks of normal cure time for a bar of soap.

If you want to see more ways to make soap cookies, take a look at this video and others I’ve made.

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Winners of Soap Photography Challenge

Chicken Soap

Winners of Soap Photography Challenge

Winners of “Photo Skillz Part One”

I participated in the Photo Skillz Soap Photography Challenge a few weeks ago. It was hosted by Joanna Abbott Schmidt owner of Mad Oils.

Joanna manages a facebook group called Soap Challenge Gallery. Some how I stumbled on it and offered my image for consideration in this Photo Skillz Natural Light Challenge.

The one I offered was of my Chicken Soaps. The criteria was to use natural light. I took the image with my second batch of this soap. I remember the light coming through the sliding.

Then, I read that I won! I was thrilled! Truly happy, for a moment, but like all moments, they pass. Now, when I think on winning, it brings a pleasant memory thinking of Joanne’s words and what good company my art is in, along side Amanda and Tonya.

It was fun to participate. I’m so glad Joanne saw what I was after when I took this image. To read what she wrote about this image, go to Winners at her Soap Bar Blog page.

This gave me the opportunity to strive to shoot with natural light, which is different then just taking what I got. Which is what I did with the Chicken Soap photo. Now, I actually consider how the light is before I turn on my flash.

Amanda Wolf’s image was so clever and well positioned, I missed the running water the first look. While Tanya Rasley’s image made me almost smell her soap. Both are lovely and interesting. Well lit is one type of image, but cleverly lit is something with character. Both of the other winners have character to there images, I hope I conveyed a bit of character with the Chicken Soap photo.

Thank you, Jonanne, for seeing into my image below the surface and offering me insight to what I communicated through this photograph.

Head over to the Soap Bar Blog to read what Joanne wrote.