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You Might Not Know

Sorcery Soap

I was thinking about you (yup, all of you) in the shower today. Seriously, I do some of my best thinking in the shower.

The easier thing is to talk of negatives. It’s like a human being’s default. Even when I lose my sense of humor I strive to see the “better” of people. I also strive to live in a fact-based reality. This can be a tricky path. How to remain hopeful and grounded in the present? I’ve found it to be more challenging than simply default of grousing with now insight.

My Goal

My goal is to share with you my version of the world. In order to invite you into my world, like my home, I must tidy an already clean house. There you have it, I’m inviting you into my world, my mind and more than that, into my experiences. I will keep it as tidy as possible.

What started this line of thinking was using a bar of Tangled Soap, which is scented with Jade fragrance oil. This is from Bramble Berry. I haven’t used all of Bramble Berry’s products, but those I have used I’m in love with… Not kidding. I love the idea that Anne-Marie has chosen each product. True or not, I like this idea.

You Might Not Know

What you might not know is, I am not paid to tell you any of this – relevant or not – I wanted you to know. It matters to me if someone is paid to say something or not, it speaks to their motives. I realized many might not know that what I write about a soap supply companies is not coerced nor paid for – its my experience of the product.

It takes hours to discover these things I observe: hours of writing, experimentation, contemplation (my favorite part), researching products, ordering, etc. All this takes time. Not a complaint but a fact – stuff takes time.

A few times a year Anne-Marie, CEO of Bramble Berry the official Soap Queen (I like saying that) sends a box of goodies to people in the soap community. I got lucky and received a couple boxes so I created videos: Fragrance Oil Reviews, here.

After using this bar of soap scented with Jade fragrance oil (do pop over to Bramble Berry to read the description because this is a simultaneously authentic and mysterious scent) I realized a few things. (This could be, in part by being lathered by Sorcery and in part by being inspired by the fragrance, hard to say.)

Bramble Berry
Bramble Berry

I’m also using Bramble Berry’s Orange and Coffee Butters on my person  – on my hands, body and hair. Both are marvelous! How have I lived this long without knowing about these butters? Easily absorbed, smells amazing and helps my hands heal after washing exactly one bazillion times each day. (I mold soap most days and this requires much hand washing.)

Another company on my radar is Nurture Soap Supply. I’m just now digging into the vast array of micas and fragrance oils. Learning about a company takes time: time to order, utilize the product and see how I experience it in my world. My latest fragrance oil love is Comfort and Joy. I can’t get enough of this surprising scent. I love apples, apple anything! Most apple fragrance oils I’ve tried have fallen short, but this… Behaved perfectly and held the scent. No discoloration either. When I want to continue to smell a fragrance… That is the true sign for me. This scent causes me delight.

Growing with a company requires observation: how do they treat their own mistakes? Do they care if the client is satisfied? Do they want to make a fair trade, money for product?

Honor and Integrity

I don’t disconnect from any one or any company for a mistake, one or many. Mistakes are part of existence. If I trip and fall I don’t stop walking. My limit, when I do disconnect, is when, or if, someone or company refuses to take responsibility, lack of integrity repeatedly. (Yes, I’ve done this with acquaintances. But what is the point? I don’t want to deceive myself, or you.) If I witness lies repeatedly or a false reality – I will not set my version of reality aside for someone else’s – I don’t expect someone else to do that for me. If something I write or say, or my behaviors help, by all means, adopt them and incorporate them into your reality. I do not see this as a requirement of relationship or friendship. I do see there needs to be a baseline of honor… SOMEWHERE. If we cannot agree to this, there is no hope for business, humans or anything. Humans have been playing this “lying” game for far too long. What if we just got present to what IS verses the words that came out of some people’s face holes? How is it so many think they have something to say they are buried in their phones? I’d rather someone say, “I’ve been an asshole”, than try to lie to me. Oh, and I did mean “try”.

Truth can be a matter of interpretation, some say… I use facts to support my understanding of this world.

It All Comes Out In The Wash

I get the feeling from Nurture Soap / Carrie and Bramble Berry / Anne-Marie that they both care about the soap community. These two companies know we all talk, they know we share information about fine details and our customer service experience. Fear never creates honor, but the desire to do well, pride in one’s work and having a personal honor code. These two heads of Soap State have a personal honor codes.

Nurture Soap Micas and fragrance oil
Soap made with Nurture Soap Micas and Comfort and Joy fragrance oil

Both Nurture Soap and Bramble Berry make money. Thank the gods! I want them to stay in business. I read posts on both of these companies and see them as big contributors to the soap making community. Cripes, Anne-Marie taught me how to make cold process soap along with a crap-ton of other things. I was in awe that she offered all her YouTube videos for FREE! WHAT? Who does that?

Carrie, this Mica Maven, from Nurture Soap investigates her micas, glitter and fragrance oils like nobody’s business, she’s helpful and knowledgable on aspects of micas and glitters and now offering bio, vegan and cruelty free glitters.   Carrie even has a Facebook group where we can dice it up about our products, experiences and post results. That’s trust!

I have had communication with both of these power-house women over the years. Both have treated me with honor, kindness and integrity. My heart is always full when I see an email from either. I will always support those who are kind to me. It doesn’t hurt me at all, and feels good on both sides.

The other part, why I write about companies I like, is to share with you those products I love, and some times, those that don’t go so well, but I steer clear of that non-sense. I’d rather talk about those things that bring me joy, delight me or I’ve found useful. Because if you were in my soapery, I’d tell you, the good and the bad, although let’s focus on soap magic for now.




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A Story

Pink Grapefruit Soap

I want to tell you a story. Not outright a soap story, but if you can trust me a bit, know I won’t waste your time, you might see what I saw.

As some of you might know, we moved into our Hobbit home with great delight and anticipation of new beginnings. We call it our hobbit home because it’s not a large home, but suits our compact sizes perfectly.

Every cupboard, drawer and under cabinet was dirty. I spent a good couple of hours cleaning everything before we could move in and place our things inside. I did not have hardship in my heart, disappointment that this type of person to leave things in such disarray had occupied my new dwelling, but no malice floated in my chest. I set to the work, and blessed each area I touched.

Sorcery Soap Lights and Lounge
Sorcery Soap Lights and Lounge

There have been some issues with out hobbit home. Before the moving date, we’d taken possession and were at the house one evening doing laundry, trying things out to ensure all was in proper condition. J walked down the hall and asked, “Why is there a river in the hall?” The water flooded the new bath, down the hall, closet, and even the new carpet in the master bedroom all the way out onto the porch.

The water feed on the new commode hadn’t been screwed correctly and it popped off when used.

After the big move-in day we soon discovered many things that had been neglected like broken drawers, a kitchen faucet that didn’t work properly, broken verticals, broken microwave, mouldy and missing grout in the second bath and the one and only smoke detector didn’t function, just to name a few things. The most disconcerting was the new bathroom remodel was missing a commode paper holder and all towel racks missing, so it wasn’t a surprise the drawer that should work couldn’t be pulled out. This was a remodel that was incomplete. My warning bells went off. This was the level of “job complete.”

I used to be an electrical contractor, for those who don’t know. If we had a punch list (incomplete things after a remodel like switch plates, receptacles, lamps – light bulbs- that needed to be installed) we would notify the tenant/new home owner and make an appointment without excuse and complete the job. I would calmly explain the process and end with, “we will make it right, no worries”.

With all this said, after waiting to be called by the handyman, making calls to follow-up and much ridiculousness, I finally got in touch with the handyman. I mentioned that the remodel wasn’t complete and that’s when he yelled at me. So much so J could hear it across the room. When someone is that out of control and they cannot hear you, it’s best to end the call. Let’s call him Sam. I said, “Sam, Sam… I have another call and really need to take it.” He made a sardonic laugh and continued to yell. I interrupted his tirade and he accused me of not listening, so when I tried to explain he interrupted me… This went on for awhile until I finally insisted I needed to get off the phone and was fully prepared to hang up.

I’ve learned a lot from construction. When pointing out someone’s low quality work – in a polite way or less than polite way – the only reaction they can give is anger. They do not hold themselves accountable and are therefore not responsible to others. Their only way to deal is to attack, with words or otherwise. I should have known.

My guy handled what he saw as his part – he is a great and honorable protector – and ensured that this man would not be allowed into our home. I was comforted and relieved.

A new maintenance man was sent. He immediately did something similar where I could not complete a sentence, but he wanted to be heard. I pointed out that he wanted me to listen to him but he couldn’t let me complete a sentence. The tension was so high my dear, sweet dog sensitive to me, lay in front of the door not happy with this man’s comings and goings.

This same man had to come back the next day. It still felt uncomfortable, but he was doing all that was asked. He wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t easy. He was in the back room doing his work; I in the kitchen when I saw my burning bowl and felt compelled to light it. As I was burning the protection, thinking all honorable and good things are allowed in my home now, and if he doesn’t resonate he will depart easily. When he came in the kitchen, he didn’t ask or bat an eye, but continued his work. He asked me to check his work and explained the drawer wasn’t going to work properly.

I said, “not your fault at all. You couldn’t have done better. It should have been done properly before.”

As our conversation began to bloom it turned out he had the same experience with the first maintenance man as I did.

We exchanged information and I learned he came to the US at 17, moved out here a few years ago from a place I had history with and sent money to his poor (literally) parents.  He also told me he knows someone else who makes soap. As it turned out, he and I knew that very same person. He also knew how cruel that person was and the bullying ways. He had history with this mean-spirited person. I had parted ways with that person because of the vindictive behavior of trying to run me down publicly after I told this person not to use my property without permission. I pointed out the dishonorable behavior and once again, with no where else to go the attack happened.

How did I not learn the first hundred times I experienced this lesson?

As I helped the second maintenance man with his tools to his truck, he stopped and held up his fingers close together. “The world is this small.”

I am so pleased, that if ever I need to have this maintenance man in my home I can now do it with a glad heart.



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Tomato Shrapnel

Crazy Chicken Soap
Crazy Chicken Soap
Crazy Chicken Soap

Tomato Shrapnel by B. Iyata 

I grew up in Indiana on a little farm with hundreds of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, quail, pheasant and guinea. Yes, it smelled like birds, but that’s not what I remember. I remember how green the grass was, how rich it smelled laying in it cloud watching and how the weeping willow was the tallest climb-albe tree in our neighborhood. 

We had horses, a black cat and dog. We also had, like most, a large garden with the usual suspects: carrots, tomatoes, peppers and tons of other vegetables along with gladiolas in rows and rows at the front of the garden. The bulbs were taken out every fall and kept under the house until next spring. The flower type was always predictable, just not the colors.

We canned all the vegetables and even made corn relish every fall. Each hot August my aunts, cousins and I would put on long sleeves, long pants, boots and hats and pick black berries near the creeks. This area was dense with blackberry brambles. We didn’t eat many berries since we were only allowed to go home the minute we filled our buckets, and not before. Now blueberries were another story. I always said they should weight us before and after, charging us the difference. Strawberries were different. They grew small and sweet and had to be picked from the garden each morning or the birds and other creatures would eat them. We had bowls of strawberries and cream for breakfast in the spring.

Keeping a garden was a full time job, or so it seemed. There was always weeding to do or tomato bugs to pick which were disgustingly fat and aggressive. Those mean fat green and black bugs would rear up when they sensed danger. My brother would run at me holding a grasping bug at arms length. He’d make a growling noise, like boys do, and then raise his arm as if he were going to throw it at me. At the last minute he’d wing it at the chickens.

We’d take the tomatoes that the bugs chewed or birds poked and throw them high in the air to land in with the chickens or turkeys. When the tomatoes hit the ground they exploded, spewing tomato blood on the white birds. They ran for their lives. Tomato bombing made us feel dangerous and powerful. Those birds should fear us. They should sense death on us.

The bloody tomato shrapnel was evidence of our crimes, for which we’d have a punishment doled out later. The punished was only half a consideration since future punishment weighted far less then the immense power felt in the moment over those birds; those birds that we had to get up early for; those birds who were considered our “chores”; those birds that kept us isolated in our bird killing world.

We were bird killers. The birds that didn’t get eaten by the foxes and dogs that out maneuvered our traps and killed prematurely, were eaten by us.

The day we butchered them was the day the birds grew nervous. They knew.

Out of sight from the flock, we’d lay the doomed head down on a log, stained from the past killing and land a hatchet on their necks, striking hard and steady, quick and clean. We were murders, but not cruel. Blood spurted. Their bodies, void of a head, would flop around until all the energy dispersed and then the chicken lay there and bled.

In the garage, us kids were in charge of dipping the headless bodies in boiling water by their feet until the feathers loosened. When the bulk of the feathers were ripped off we set to digging out the pin feathers. Inside the house the hot air was pushed around by floor fans, there was no air conditioning. Inside was where the grown ups cut the chickens up for the freezer. We knew we had the better end of the deal.

I didn’t know how to buy meat at the store until I was in my late twenties. It all looked wrong and different at the grocery. No white paper packages like in our lift top freezer all neatly laid out with black writing on them, “thighs”, “breast”, “half chicken”. It felt wrong walking up to a shelf of cooling meat. Too intimate. Too exposed.

I’d been warned to tell someone I was heading to the freezer, just in case I over reached toward the bottom and fell in. That happened to an old lady near my grandma’s house. She wasn’t discovered for weeks.

I grew up so country the first boy I kissed was related. When he called for me one day on our only rotary-dial phone, my step-dad told me that Shannon-boy was my cousin. Mortified, I stopped taking his calls.

I was adopted by the way.

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Dirt Today

Sorcery Soap Fairy Cookies

I touched dirt today.

In the desert the rain evaporates quickly because of the low humidity. Water doesn’t stay in the arid sand.

As I hiked down a wash-bed I saw the swirls of different colored sands. Attracted to the swirls, I bent over and touched the wet sand. My fingers felt attracted to the sand, as if I couldn’t stop myself from touching it. I mushed it and molded it and the only shape I could make was a pyramid. I squatted there in the wash, avoiding others on the overhead trails, I found a doorway to another world. A world of natural possibilities; a world of art that nature created. I could interact with it, but did nothing to create it. This all happened on its own, has been for thousands, millions of years, all without my intervention. This day, I touched it, the reflection of the forces that happen, without my vote, without my input and without my knowledge.

I left a grouping of many little pyramids on the wash-bed. They will be there until the next rain; until an animal walks on them; until the sands dry out and blow away. They are not permanent, these little creations won’t stand he test of time, and definitely aren’t “too pretty”.

I imagine walking down this wash, not being the person who made the sand pyramids, to see the small little creations. Like a tiny Egypt for ants. This idea made me smile.






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Not Afraid to Toss Soap Out

Sorcery Soap Cookies

Not Afraid to Toss Soap Out

I toss soap regularly. I throw soap out without regret. Its one of my secrets.

I try a ton of things, every day, new stuff with soap. If all else fails, I can always toss the soap out, if its a total loss. If I hold on to salvaging every soap I become slightly desperate. I push forward, don’t toss soap without consideration, but I am not afraid to throw it out. Its a simple fear to over come. And it certainly is not real danger.

I think about it this way – each new thing I do adds to my over all education, an opportunity to learn something I had not anticipated. If I harbor fear of failing, fear of tossing out a batch of soap, it keeps me from being daring, trying new things. Spring Soap cookies

I read, or heard, some where that it takes 10,000 hours to master something. I don’t necessarily believe that, but its a good guideline. I’m about halfway to that 10,000 hours. So that gives me more permission to make mistakes, acquire more information, and study soap. I think I might not ever be a master, a true master, where my very nature has changed because of my art, but I can strive towards that end.

I also like the idea of the daily work of becoming… Wiser, better at anything, takes a “chopping wood, carrying water” attitude. The dishes have to be washed. I can resent the dishes or get on board and just do them, so I can get on to the next thing, the next insight, the next day of “chopping wood, carrying water”. Everyone has to wash dishes, its HOW I do those things.

My question, the one I ask, “can I do it with grace?”

Today, I had an argument with my love-mate. It was silly. I was NOT graceful. Everyone has arguments. Some people make the argument bigger, or smaller than they have to be, but I was graceless.

I have no idea if we’ve had 10,000 hours of arguing, but I doubt it. Not sure if that’s good or bad, all I know is my horse ran away. 😉

We still love each other and mended our issue quickly even in the middle of both us trying to be heard and hear the other. It was a good reminder, that the next time I can offer some grace. Because there will be a next time, just like there will be a next time to wash dishes. Elegant Gold Glitter Soap Cookies

So, with that tangent, I push forward, try things with soap, make mistakes and learn. Always learn, and move forward to greater, and greater insight. I can offer more grace to soap making, to my life and to how I am in this world.

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Magic Soap Box

Soap Box

Magic Soap Box

I’ve been working on many projects, but my most important one is a Magic Soap Box with affordable shipping costs.

Shipping costs can be a huge hinderance to getting what we want from on-line companies.

I’m preparing to launch the Magic Soap box. Soap flowers and one bar of  NEWLY designed Dragon Silk will be included.

Soap Deal

Inside the Magic Soap Box

7 for 5: Seven 3-ounce soaps for the price of five soaps.

  • Individually – 7 soaps: $45.50
  • Magic Soap Box – 7 soaps: $35.50
  • Only $6.80 USPS 2-Day with tracking.

This Magic Soap Box will be offered for this price next month. I’ll need a bit of luck and lot of magic to pull this off. 😉

Dragons and Fairies

This is what the fairies left for me from my Dragon Silk Soap offering. There is always a surprise in your Magic Soap Box, what will they leave for you?


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Soap Mouse Video

mouse and cheese soap

Follow Your Own Artistic Path

True Story of Mouse and Cheese Soap

I had an idea that involved a mouse and cheese pie shape, but  didn’t want to commit to an easily found silicone pie mold and wasn’t sure I’d like making pie shaped soaps. Being a person who loves using tools I have around the house, I avoid buying everything unnecessary…

Except when it comes to little luxuries like this soap – mouse and cheese soap.

Mice and Cheese Soap #gift #giftidea #lemongrassoap #artisansoap

I also have a philosophy to do more-with-less. This philosophy has strengthened what I know to be my best tool, creativity. Creativity cannot be created, purchased or manufactured. I discovered creativity is my one of my super powers. Read more… 

Hand molding little mice.

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Fall Soaps


Fall Soaps

Been getting ready for the holidays: Autumn, Halloween, Winter, Christmas… All the high holidays and seasons. First release are these Fall Soaps.

If you’ve been reading my blog posts you’ll know that cold process needs 4-6 weeks to cure, to accurately weight the soap and create a solid, hard bar of lasting soap. So, I started making holiday soaps about a month ago. These are ready to appear on your counters,  in your baskets (Halloween gifts) and in your baths!

Ever wonder what else you can give at the the holidays besides sweets? What about a very unique soap?

The scents are Poison Pie with Honey, Blue Spruce, Witches Brew and Apple Blossom. (Keep reading to find out how Apple Blossom fits into Halloween.) 

These may not sound like traditional scents for the holidays, yet, I married them with designs that might appeal to your sense of adventure, whimsy and creativity.

Black Bird Poison Pie soap Black Bird Poison Pie with Honey

Black Bird Poison Pie with Honey crust is all of it! The hand molded crust is scented with honey fragrance oil. The chocolate part of this soap is scented with a magical fruit scent that is a little heady, yet, creates a swirling combination of scents to open the door for all types of Halloween Sorcery. Each part of these soaps are hand mold, from the ravens, strawberries, blueberries to the crust cross hatching on top… And even the edges of the pie crust. (The raspberries are melt and pour). I purposely made these to look like they came out of the Wicked Witches hut, from Hansel and Gretel tales. These little pies are anything but poisonous!

Autumn Soap Blue Spruce

This blue spruce fragrance oil is so true to its name there isn’t a lick of internal arguing. A quick sniff tells exactly what it is: a woodsy clear forest of blue spruce trees appears in your mind’s eye. Why, then, did I decorate it with vines, leaves and pumpkins? Because I wanted the woodsy country side to stand up and greet you. I wanted the interior swirled colors to remind you of the distinction of Autumn and the intrigue of the pumpkins in the field. I hope this did the trick.

purpleWitchesBrew Witches Brew

There are two types of soaps scented with Witches Brew. The first, purple oval bars, scented with Witches Brew, has all the things one might think of for a witch on Halloween: an owl, ghost, snail, snake and frog along with a jack-o-lantern on each. Each bar is different and unique. raven Witches Brew soap


There are two extra bars that have a more cosmopolitan flavor and have a raven and a book of shadows on top, even down to the moon phases on both books.

Wizard's Apothecary Soap Wizard’s Apothecary

The second soap scented with Witches Brew, which is called, Wizard’s Apothecary is slightly different in design. Each creepy green rectangular bar has a wizard’s hat with stars and moons, a skull, a bottle of magical potion with a little skull face on it to indicate it might not be exactly favorable to drink, and topped with darker distinct stars.

The spicy notes of this slightly spicy fragrance oil has hints of licorice and rich patchouli (maybe a hint of sandalwood) which makes for a mysterious, yet familiar and compelling scent.

Don’t Forget!

Sleeping Beauty Soap Sleeping Beauty

This soap is created to conjure the Wicked Witch who gave sleeping beauty the poison apple, but this soap won’t put you to sleep. Its a bright apple blossom fragrance that is true and comforting at the same time. It just floral enough without being over powering, and still reminiscent of apple blossoms. Product page here! 

Here are a few more that fit this upcoming holiday:

Pirarte Booty Soap
Pirarte Booty Soap
Honey Bee Soap
Sweet Honey Bee Soap
Undead Soap
Undead Soap
Bell, Book and Candle Soap
Bell, Book and Candle Soap

Why not celebrate the changes of seasons in a new way? Would you enjoy receiving a little unique bar of soap this year?

Happy Holidays! 


(Soap Witch)

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Follow Your Own Artistic Path

Mice and Cheese Soap #gift #giftidea #lemongrassoap #artisansoap

Follow Your Own Artistic Path

True Story

I had an idea that involved a pie shape, but  didn’t want to commit to an easily found silicone pie mold and wasn’t sure I’d like making pie shaped soaps. Being a person who loves using tools I have around the house, I avoid buying everything unnecessary.

Mice and Cheese Soap #gift #giftidea #lemongrassoap #artisansoap

I also have a philosophy to do more-with-less. This philosophy has strengthened what I know to be my best tool, creativity. Creativity cannot be created, purchased or manufactured. I discovered creativity is my one of my super powers.

I’ve asked myself this, “If I don’t have any tools (paint brushes, camera, etc.) am I still an artist?” I realized, being outside, I can use my finger and draw in the sand. I see the world slightly different. I know this because when I bring what I see in my minds eye out to the world it is dissimilar to other views.

Pitfalls Of Making Pie Soaps

After a few attempts I found a process that works for removing cold process soap from the dish in tact and avoiding the known nemesis of a possible design flaw, the dreaded gel circle in the center. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with soap that does gel incompletely. I didn’t want it in this soap.

From a previous batch of soap that was colored with brown oxide I made small mice. I didn’t know what I’d do with them when I made them, but I made them anyway. I let those little mice roll around in my mind for a few weeks while they cured.

As I pondered what to do with the little mice, I realized I was looking at the next batch of soap all wrong. I didn’t need to make small pieces of cheese for the mice, but make one large piece and hand mold each cut bar.

After that change of mind-set, my soap came together nicely. And, no, it doesn’t smell like cheese. Mice and Cheese Soap #gift #giftidea #lemongrassoap #artisansoap

All this I did with my own direction, but being open to taking cues from my experience and environment and not being in a hurry. I gave myself time to considered new ideas.

I believe being creative is about following your own path. I ask myself, on a regular basis, “what am I doing that is new”? Then I wait for the answer.

Creativity takes time. Inspiration takes initiative. When the inspiration iron is hot, I have to strike, I have to take action, of some kind. If I cannot take action on my inspiration in the moment, I, at least, must write it down. If I have an idea for something, no matter what others say, I need to figure it out for myself. There are times, of course, that someone will say something rational that I had not considered.

I know that fear is imaginary, danger is real and the rest is creativity.


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Feedback for Artists

Mouse and Cheese Soap

Feedback for Artists

One of the most valuable things you, as a patron, can give an artist isn’t just your money, but your thoughts how you experience the artist’s work.

For me, its a fine line, a dance of taking in thoughtful feedback and not letting it sway my creativity, all the while staying open to input. Staying open to those who experience my art.

Guinea Pig Soap
Guinea Pig Soap

Some people are naturally gifted at creating. Some are naturally gifted at athletics, etc. I would never presume to tell an athlete how to “athlete” any more than I’d tell an artist how to uhm… create.

I enjoy feedback on what your experience was… Did it do the job, did it function correctly? Did you enjoy the colors, scent, design? Did it make you think of something you’ve not thought about in a long time?


With all this, I offer a reasonable trade for that valuable patronage. A true patron, in my opinion, values not just the object, but the process the artist goes through to create. Not everyone can create. Just like, not everyone can be an athlete.


And I understand even if you love something, its hard to feel motivated to comment. Comments have some form of magic – those comments inspire the writer to continue and inspires others to share their ideas, thoughts and feelings… that is a powerful thing, untouchable, yet moves others in a way that might not have happened. I call that magical.


Mice and Cheese Soap #gifts #giftideas #artsy #artisans #soaps #sorcerysoap #horse #horselovers #soapandglory