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FREE Sorcery Soap Dough Recipe

Witch's Broom Sorcery Soap Cookie

Moldable Soap Recipe by Sorcery Soap™

Sorcery Soap Dough 

 This information is meant to help expand your soaping repertoire, explore more creative options (sans silicon molds) and to inspire you to new creative worlds! 

*Critical piece of information: Soap temperatures 70-85 degree fahrenheit. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Always keep the soap covered and sealed from air. Saponification does not need air, but curing does.
  • The amount of water in soap is important. It keeps the soap pliable and soft. This is the water percent I use, however, I live in the desert.
  • Keep the new soap sealed.
  • Wait at least 24 hours to unmold, then place soap dough in a plastic bag and wait 3 more days (at least). Learn more about this process here!
  • Test your soap by rolling a small ball, examine how it feels. Is it sticky?
  • Exact measurements are very important, which is different than making say, actual cookies, which can be off just a tick. I’ve found when making soap dough, at 1 pound or 2 pound amounts, there is little room for error.
  • Use in 3-5 days.
  • Your soap dough should be ideal to use.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

When Working With your Soap Dough

  • When working with soap, use a muslin bag filled with corn starch to keep the soap from sticking to the work surface and itself. Too much corn starch will leave your soaps looking powdery so use with frugal care.
  • Spraying tools with 91% alcohol will keep cutters and plungers from sticking.
  • Spraying with water will make soap dissolve. Remember how soap behaves in the shower? Use water to stick pieces of soap together sparingly.
  • Once removed from the sealed container, soap will begin evaporation and curing, therefore hardening.
  • Be patient with yourself, if you want to make embeds by hand, it will take time to learn.

See this video for consistency:


Soap Dough Moldable Soap Recipe by Sorcery Soap


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Honorable Business

Honorable Business Practices

A long time ago merchants were considered the lowest form of business. Merchants were one step above pirates.

Today, not much has changed.

This isn’t true for all businesses. There are some who are honorable, who have their own code of business conduct.

What makes a merchant honorable?

Is it as simple they do what they say they will do?

Is it the nice extras that are included in your order? Or the discount for a future order?

I find I gravitate toward those merchants who see me. Who count me as slightly important toward their business. They know without my order they would not have a business. I’m not saying my single small order holds that much weight, but they don’t judge me for the small order and I feel my order is as important to them as the large orders. When a business behaves this way, I know that money is not their only motivation. That is inspiring, encouraging in a world that laudes money over honor; egregia cum laude, “with outstanding honor.”

This is a great code of honor, not just to be honorable, but be outstanding.

I order and support small businesses for a reason. Either because they are niche and I cannot find their products anywhere else or because they are living and behaving in a way I want to support. I want to see honor in our world.

When the business takes the time to acknowledge my order with a personal note (or anything actually) I feel that connection. I know that they care enough to have conscious effort; each time they reveal their integrity will bond me to them and my loyalty will be the soul of their business. I feel this business understands this type of loyalty on some level.

Believe it or not the big corporations know exactly about loyalty. They know some of us our bonded to their brands and our personal identities are intertwined. What is not considered is this is a one sided relationship. They don’t care. They will treat their customers however they want once they know we have been bonded. Telephone companies come to mind. Do you know any personal relationships like this?

I believe we change over time. If a company embraces this dysfunctional practice: after having my first purchase it acceptable to leave me on the phone for 30 minutes when I call to track my lost package or the item shows up damaged and they simply say “oh, well.” I won’t offer my money again. Some business know they have us, because it is an immense pain to change phone companies, and you probably won’t get any better service from the other guy.

This behavior translates into our society in large and subtle ways.

After all, isn’t sincerity and genuine connection the most important aspect of any good exchange? Feeling seen in a world that has so many people can change your day.  Why do we expect less in business practices?

My caveat is this, the customer is not always right but neither is the business owner. It is a relationship and in any good relationship there will be hiccups and miscommunication. That is when conscious effort needs to be employed and the situation needs to be worked out so both can move forward.

There are many great business in the soaping industry. You can find some of them here: Lovin Soap, Soap Making Studio. Amanda has put together a list of suppliers. I have used many suppliers on this list.

If we are not going to support those businesses who are doing great things then we should all just emulate corporations and be the best pirates we can be!

I, however, chose not to be a pirate. 😉

(Note: I have to mention that my customers are some of the most lovely people I have ever met. I’m so grateful for you all, and cannot leave this out, simply because I want you to know I think of you regularly. Thank you!)

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Buy Soap ASAP!

Sorcery Soap Sale Coupon

I’m asking sincerely, take advantage of the ridiculously low prices right now for Sorcery Soap™.  “38%sorcerycoupon”  

Sorcery Soap Cookies
Sorcery Soap Cookies


I started packing soap and you know what? Its flippin heavy! You’d do me a great favor, if you were going to buy soap anyway, to buy it now at a huge discount. That is my gift, to help me.

Its true, we’ve decided to move to a bigger place.

Moving means there is a chance of dinging up soaps or… gasp… breakage. My soaps are so protected until I ship, I can’t let that happen… And soap weights… We either sell it BEFORE we move or pay someone else to do it.

So, I’m not asking for you to help us move. Most of you who subscribe don’t live near me, lucky, since its 100 and boo-ya degrees here anyway. Ugh.

We keep more friends if we do it ourselves with a little paid help from those who specialize in moving. It makes a happier move for everyone.

This sale works for everyone. You get soaps you might have been thinking about, and I don’t have to move it and sweat the dings.


I can’t wait for all the new ideas in the new place!


This code is good for 38% off of all soaps (not on soaps already on sale). Everything, even soap dough!

Use this code at check out.

If for whatever reason you have ANY issues, please email me before you purchase. Refunds are an awful pain. “38%sorcerycoupon” 


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Support Sorcery Products – Easy!

Sorcery Products Cake & Soap Smoother and Edger

Support Sorcery Products – Easy Peasy!

We can keep importing products for you and stay in business with one easy action on your part…

Leave feedback or a review on Amazon after purchase.

That’s it. 

If you were going to order fondant tools anyway, please, order through our Sorcery Products™ Store at Amazon and leave feedback or a review.

Your efforts, this seemingly simple action, means a lot to Amazon, our placement and how many others get to see our products. The more others see and purchase our products, the better chance we have of staying in business.

Staying In Business

We feel our integrity in our importing research, our quality control, our fast shipping time and conscientiousness to you, each customer, has value. This value and integrity is needed in our world of business.

After having just purchased from around the world and the products were not delivered, contacting the merchant without resolution, I say, we need more people in our business model that are good for their word. We need more merchants who want you to have their merchandise, as much as they want to make money.

Sincerely and deeply, THANK YOU for your support! We cannot do what we do, without you.

Star Heart Sorcery Soap Cookie
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Amazon Store – Sorcery Products:


60 piece FULL set (15 sets / 2 sets of hand sculpting tools).

Sorcery Products 60 Piece Fondant Set
Sorcery Products 60 Piece Fondant Set
What makes this fondant set different is that included are two sets of hand sculpting tools along with the small heart, star and flower plungers, (many use) which are not in all kits.
We felt this was the best grouping of tools to start with in your journey of molding soap or fondant.


Sorcery Products Store Link

29 piece Fondant Set

31 piece Fondant Set

Heart Plunger Fondant Set
Heart Plunger Fondant Set

Set 3 Heart Plungers

Set 3 STAR Plungers

Set 4 FLOWER plunger

Large Blossom Fondant Plunger Set
Large Blossom Fondant Plunger Set

Set 3 Large BLOSSOM plunger


Cake Pastry Rolling Pin

Cake Pastry Rolling Pin
Sorcery Products Rolling Pin

Cake Smoother

14 – 5″ Detail Sculpting Tools

Set 3 BUTTERYFLY Plungers

Set 3 LEAF plunger


Set 3 STAR Cookie Cutter

Set 4 SMALL Blossom Flower Plunger

Set 8 – 6.5″ Sculpting Tools

Set 3 TRIBAL FLOWER plunger

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Why I Import

Cake Pastry Rolling Pin

Recently I ordered a product from Aliexpress. A sub-section of Allibaba, which is a place to find wholesalers of just about any product.

Sorcery Products Flower Cookie Cutter
Sorcery Products Flower Cookie Cutter

I was informed by Aliexpress I could expect my order to arrive in 15-25 Days. I ordered on 22:33 Jun. 12 2016. It was to be delivered on July 1, 2016. Today is July 9, 2016 and after many requests to the merchant I still have not received my merchandise.

Where do I begin? With the idea that I’m to wait 15-25 days for shipping? I understand this product is coming from half way around the world. Ok, so I accept this, because waiting doesn’t cost anything and the price I paid for this product was so low that it was a good exchange – time for low cost.


Next, after asking for tracking, and taking far too many emails to receive the tracking number, it turned out to be a USPS tracking number. That wasn’t the original carrier, it was the LAST carrier.

Prove a Negative

The merchant also asked me to PROVE I did not receive the package. Really?! Really. How do I prove a negative? Please, come to my home and look around. Please, ask the postal carrier, who makes mistakes all the time, if he hand delivered it to me. I invite you to do all of these. Or, you can take my word. My word.

Now, I understand that the post office makes mistakes, truly I do, but if you are the overseas merchant, ask yourself this… What would it benefit me to argue and lie? What ultimate benefit? Would I get one free set? Would I get an additional free replacement set? For what? To sell that one set? And, if I leave a negative review, how will that set with your customer service rating? Is the cost of a refund, repair or return  (what I learned from J.C. Penney) worth that one negative review?

How about trusting me that I am not one of the multitudes who wants something for free, and am as good as my word?

Sorcery Products Sculpting Tools
Sorcery Products Large Pink Sculpting Tools

Being a Merchant

As a merchant, who have often times been the lowest of low in societies, I operate with this in mind – it is my job, my secondary only to creating an amazing product that no one else is creating, to get my product to you. If, for some reason, it is damaged in transit, or does not appear, it is my job to manifest your desire of my product in your hand. That, friends, is true Sorcery!

No Excuses!

All this done without excuse, without issue. It is my job to make your buying experience as pleasant as possible.

Now, I have not gotten one “lost in transit” request. So, if I get a bunch after this post I have either angered the transportation gods or… It will definitely be suspect. I have mailed hundreds, or maybe thousands now, of soap orders and only a handful have been damaged, but none lost.

After all this, I realized that waiting for something to be shipped from another country is one thing, but dealing with the mistrust is harmful. It’s harmful to me, so it must be harmful to others. Trusting that someone will do what they say, after I give them money, is difficult. Once this barrier is crossed, hoping that merchant is honorable is also a barrier.

Then, trusting that all the players will do their jobs along the transit route, well… An act of trust that can’t be taken lightly.

Why I Import

I spent months researching products, suppliers and then building a relationship with one that I landed on. If you are serious about doing this, don’t believe the youtubers, it does take focus, attention and time. Time most of all. Some claim it can be done in 2 weeks, blahaha… ! The time difference is an issue, so each email or message has a delay, up to 15 hours. That’s just one part…

I committed thousands of dollars to importing Sorcery Products™ with the hope that my work and offer of connivence would benefit not just me, but you too. Do not get me wrong, this is my job, but I also want to help others, in how I can. Now that I’ve navigated these waters a few times, I am much more seaworthy, and will continue. This is why I import, because its a painstaking job, but who wants to wait 15-25 days for shipping? I shortened that time, and want to shorten it so much I ship USPS priority to track your package, and get it to you in 2-3 days. How’s that for collapsing time?

This too, is Sorcery. 😉

I hope that my business practices will help to affect, NOT CHANGE, but certainly affect the way business is conducted with every interaction.

And don’t get me started on private label, which we do… I’ll save that, and quality control, for another day.

If you want to benefit from Sorcery Products™ visit this page.



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More Good than Harm, Too

Truman the dog and Teddy

Doing more good than harm has been my motto, a guiding force in my life.

I haven’t always lived like this, at some point things changed.

Me, Pax and Dogs
Me, Pax and Dogs

As a kid I had no idea about what was harm. I lived on a farm. My clothes were hand made which I thought awful at the time – fittings, fittings and more fittings was too much standing in one place for me. I wore furs from the time I could remember what I wore. Little fur coats, a fur hat with pom-poms and even a muff. I had no idea fur coats were not the best use for animals. And, if I were in the wild, I would wear a fur coat sans the pom-poms.


We ate all we raised, which means we killed our animals. There was a rule – we told someone when one of us went to the lift-top freeze in the garage. Occasionally we’d hear of someone who fell in and died. That put fear into the parents when our freezer supply got low and we had to reach in deep. All I knew of meat was white paper-wrapped pieces of meat with black marker names, “chicken”, “pheasants”, “quail”, “goose”, “duck”, “turkey”… We had a large garden too, which us-kids had to weed, canned all our we produced and found great pride in not needing to go to the local grocer for anything other than milk. We didn’t have a cow.


My clothes – although originally were hand-sewn, which my Swedish-Lutheran mother proudly boasted over the top of my custom designed birthday cake – turned into hand-me-downs from my older cousin. No more custom clothes for me. One day mother was there controlling my clothes, the next… Evaporated. Gone.

I cherished my new-for-me cool clothes from my cousin, Billy Jean. She was cool and so, of course, her clothes were cool no matter what she gave me. Billy Jean was happy, laughed a lot and so funny… She too evaporated. Gone.

That changed me.

As an adult I have done my level best to not be a burden to this world or those around me. I have recycled and bought recycled everything, in other words “used”, pass down, old, even though I can afford to buy new. My thinking has been, why create more if there already is enough? 

I bought farm fresh free-range meat and eggs until the lovely little farm was closed. I sensed shenanigans were afoot, and that farm got the crap end of the political stick. Which is a general way for the honorable guy.

Me and my first Pony
Me and my first Pony

I even recycled horses, dogs, birds and cats for awhile. I took other people’s broken animals, unwanted creatures, healed them, trained them to understand humans (since humans are terrible at understanding animals) and re-homed them with loving, responsible people. You know what? The same people who created those wounded beings continued to do the same. They didn’t learn by my efforts. So I quit.

All this is from a person who didn’t talk about these things, but just got to the “doing” of them.


I’m doing my level best to make a low impact, good-for-you, enjoyable soaps. Its that simple. I also support those who seem similar minded in the industry. I want to make soaping fun and make tools available. So, I imported some fondant tools and cookie cutters, a custom ordered 60 piece set – all the things I thought someone could use.

It was a good deal of effort. It took us about six months to get it all together, but we started looking into it about a year ago. Forget what the youtubers say that importing can be done in a few weeks. Ugh. Just to get samples took weeks.

I’m looking into why we use silk in soap? What types are best and all the pros and cons of buying silk.

This world is an amazing place. I’ve forced myself to do without for most of my life. Now, I’m living with what is, verses what I want it to be. So, I use lard in soaps. I simply have not found a better ingredient than lard. Oh, and I did grow up with it, and it wasn’t bad for you then. I don’t agree with the way we farm animals today, and still there are by-products that can be utilized. Do my dollars support horrible husbandry? Or do I offset it by not buying new (except for soap stuff)?

I’m certain I can render lard, however, that desire hasn’t crossed my radar yet, but it will.

Truman the dog and Teddy
Truman our dog and Teddy


P.S. Truman was a rescued dog. Someone had dumped him and his two litter mates on the side of the road, as puppies. When I met him, I knew he was a keeper-dog. He’s the most kind, discriminating, clever dog I’ve met and I’m glad to call him family. I see great value in things others do not.

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Sorcery Soap Dough Molding Soap

Learning from soap seems to be never ending. 

When I make soap to mold with fragrance oils, I can see how the fragrance oil reacts to my recipe. Some times it appears more transparent, stickier or has an odd consistency.

Some soap is ultra smooth, and those, generally, do not have fragrance in them. Do not misunderstand, this is not desire to discount fragrance oils. Of all people, I’m not that woman. I love fragrance oils.

Sorcery Soap Apron and Soap Dough

To be clear, I am saying that I can see more deeply how the fragrance oils behave when squishing, mashing, and squeezing soap through my fingers, inasmuch as a baker can feel her bread dough. Some molding soaps have more resiliency or can be stretched and pulled, just like dough, where as others, it is simply too sticky to preform in the same way.

I see more about each batch by examining the soap in this way, than I did by just making bars and using them.

What I’m looking for: 

I want to see a dough that is pliable, and doesn’t cause cracks. A soap dough that is wet enough to mush and mash, but not so much so that I have to use a lot of corn starch to avoid sticking. Too much corn starch can cause white spots of pocket corn starch.

See this video for more help:

Most of my molding soap no longer has scent added to it and each batch it better than the last.

If you have questions, please email me at

I’m more than happy to try and help!

See our Amazon Store at: Sorcery Products™


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Sorcery Products ™ are HERE!

Sorcery Products Butterfly Fondant Plungers

Sorcery Products ™ are HERE! Sorcery Products Flower Cookie CutterSorcery Products Flower Cookie Cutter

Months ago when I was asked repeatedly how I make Sorcery Soaps with stars, hearts and other embeds, I pointed people to some fondant tools I purchased.

I discovered that the prices from over seas were great, but the shipping times were ridiculous. I waited a month to get a small set of plungers and then discovered I wanted more, so I waited another month.

After a year of waiting, we decided to import these ourselves. Sorcery Products Flower Fondant Plunger SetSorcery Products TM (15 Sets / 60 pcs)Fondant Heart Flower Cake Sugarcraft Cookie Mould Icing Plunger Cutter Tool Decorating Kit

With much effort we are providing a Brand New 60 Piece, 15 Set Cake, Fondant and Molding Kit along with individual smaller sets. Any of these can be order individually or as one large set… And the best part, you’ll receive your order in a few days, NOT a MONTH!

Good luck in your new FABULOUS creations!

Many Sorcery Soap™ how-to’s and videos to help you along.

  • 3 pc Butterfly plunger set Sorcery Products Heart Fondant Plunger Set
  • 4 pc Small Flower Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Small Heart Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Leaf Detailed Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Large Blossom Flower Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Tribal Flower Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Star Plunger Set 
  • 4 pc Small Blossom Flower Plunger set 
  • 3 pc Star Cutter Set  
  • 3 pc Snowflake Cutter set 
  • 4 pc Flower cutter set 
  • 1 Rolling Pin 
  • 1 Smoother 
  • 14 pc 5” Sculpting Hand Tool set 
  • 8 pc 6.5” Sculpting Hand Tool set Sorcery Products Blossom Flower Fondant PlungersSorcery Products Butterfly Fondant PlungersSorcery Soap Star Fondant Plunger SetSorcery Products Star Cookie CutterSorcery Products Leaf Fondant Plunger SetSorcery Products Blossom Fondant Plunger Set