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A Month in Sorcery Soapery

Grinch Soap Cookies

Much happens in one month. Here is a quick peek at some soaps created by the head Soap Witch. 😉 If you like these images follow Sorcery Soap on Instagram. 

Sea Shells and Sea Goddess Soaps, Walnut Fudge, Santa Soap Cookies, Harvest Moon Fox, Temptation/Apple Jack, Sorcery Soap Samples, and Sorcery Soap Cookies. Free Surprise Soap cookies in your order! 

Sea Shells

Sea Goddess

Sea Goddess Too

Maple Walnut Fudge Soap

Santa Soap Cookie

Harvest Moon Fox

Tempation Soap

Sorcery Soap Samples

Soap Cookies

If you like these images follow Sorcery Soap on Instagram. 

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Grinch Soap Cookies
Grinch Soap Cookies


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Temporary Nature

White Sorcery Soap Cookies

Observation of seemingly obvious tasks can offer insights.

I master-batch my soap dough. I use a dedicated crock pot to melt hard oils and butters; 76 degree fahrenheit coconut oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter are semi-hard before melting. In order to combine them with liquid oils this requires changing their temporary nature.

I use a dedicated crock pot for a simple reason – I was taught while studying meditation we sit in the same position, wear the same meditation shawl and sit on the same mediation pillow all made of simple cloth. I asked my teachers repeatedly, “why?” The over-riding answer was, because it helps to achieve a deeper level of meditation.  I cannot speak to those slightly superstitious and less scientific answers like “your energy is infused into the objects,” all of which I listened to with a large dose of skepticism. How are these people, who dedicate their lives to a peaceful existence, not grounded in fact?

I have come to understand we operate on many levels – conscious, unconscious, sub-conscious and automatic, just to name a few. We do things based on prompts and routine like brushing one’s teeth. After so many years of doing a task, we have reflex behaviors like Pavlov’s dog, and no longer think of the task.

Pink Sorcery Soap Cookies
Pink Sorcery Soap Cookies

We can also create muscle memory. Those who participate in sports understand this type of memory that is built into the very fibers, tendons, connective tissue of the muscles change, alter and adapt to the skill; this muscle memory can grow talent; this is an application of an idea to the very tissues of a human being. Sit with that concept for a moment.

Do you see how magnificent and alchemical this process is, at its core? This could be renamed, simply, magic.

To have a dedicated crock pot is not to propose that the structure of the crock pot changes, but my response to the object changes. It is now a prompt of creation. A doorway into unknown worlds. A tool I use to open up ideas inside myself, or open myself up to the ideas in another dimension and pull them into our reality, our dimension.

My crock pot is now part of my ritual; part of my process, to opening that door only I can see. It is no longer the object I create over-cooked chicken, or a lazy dinner, but incites action in my mind/body that help me see the door to the room filled with ideas.

To have a truly smooth soap, be it bar or soap dough, the melted oils and butters need to be in a certain state; to marry to the liquid oils, to unify them into a temporary nature. If not joined in this ideal state the results will not be smooth, on so many levels. The same can be said for relationships, eating, health… all things.

I observe my nature must be patient, as calm as morning lake, undisturbed with the process if I wish to be invited through the doorway into the room of creativity where my nature will changed, temporarily.



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A Peek at Sorcery Life June 5-11

Dragon Silk Sorcery Soap

A peek into Sorcery Soap works:

June 5 – 11

Making soap in the desert can be tricky, but also work to a soaper’s advantage. Large buckets of oil are easily melted by being left in the sun for only a few hours. Like the winter season in the colder states where the bulk of the day is spent inside, the bulk of the  day is spent inside during the summer months. During this time inside, many soaps are made, molded and dreamed up.

Dragon Silk Sorcery Soap
Dragon Silk Sorcery Soap restocked


Chicken Soap
Chicken Soap got labeled and wrapped up after 8 weeks of curing.


Sorcery Soap Cookies
Prepped some Sorcery Soap cookies for stamping


Sorcery Soap Dragon Silk
Packaged 22 bars of Dragon Silk Soap


Glittered Sorcery Soap Cookies
Glittered Sorcery Soap Cookies


Guinea Pigs Soap
Began more Guinea Pig soaps that are sold out and experimented with a little soap dog.


Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize
Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize


Sorcery Soap Contest
Launched a Sorcery Soap Contest!

All you have to do to win is read here! 

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Sorcery Happenings

Gnome Soap Cookies

Much has happened this last week, as much happens so regularly I forget to bring it to the foreground. I will make a greater effort to do this in our upcoming year. I am also working on new videos to show you how each of the Sorcery creations is made. Check out the videos collection that is on the youtube Sorcery Soap channel now.

The temperatures in the low desert have dropped after some rain, which is how temperatures tend to change here.

After looking around Soap Queen’s site I ran across some mentions from Anne-Marie I had not noticed before. This created some cheer here at Sorcery Soapery, just to be acknowledged by the Queen of Soap is an honor. Bramble Berry mentions Sorcery Soap

Bramble Berry mentions Sorcery Soap










The other news for Sorcery Soap is a new soap called Boudica.

Boudica Sorcery Soap
                                                                              Boudica Sorcery Soap

This soap is based on the ancient fierce Queen. Boudica (d. AD 60 or 61) was a queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe who led an uprising against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire. She did not abide by the customary roles of a woman in her time, but did what was necessary to defend, protect and avenge her family.

This soap is scented with Rhubarb and Fig fragrance which is sweet and sharp, and each loop of these chains are hand made from cold process soap with great intention to the user of this soap, as well as each key, heart and bauble. The pink hearts are dusted with Flash Dance from Mad Oils. A new soap for the upcoming holidays will be available by Valentine – in celebration of the change of the seasons, ready for Imbolc – the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox.

This soap is made with Meadowfoam oil, which is one of my new favorite oils, for all the great qualities and it’s unique ability to help stabilize the other oils.


Imbolc (ihm-olk) Imbolg or Oimelc
Traditional date: Feb 2
Actual astrological date: Feb 4 in 2016
Midpoint between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox
Second Celtic fire festival (female)
Gaelic or Welsh “Imbolg” means “spring” (have not confirmed)
Festival of Lights, St Brigid’s Day
Celebrates the quickening of spring, the end of winter, time of abundance of milk
Time of planning and hopes, fire and purification are prominent factors
Ceremonies involve water, candles pledges and planting a hope or a seed, making candles
Burn your Christmas tree and light candles
Colours: Red, orange, white
Evolved into Groundhog Day: Scots looked for serpents leaving their winter holes. A Gaelic hag goddess, who rules the winter months, Cailleach, gathers her firewood for the rest of the winter. If the day is sunny, she gathers a great deal of wood, thusly the winter will continue for some time. If the day is rainy, she will not gather much wood and the remaining winter will be short.


The other new creation from the Sorcery Soap are Gnome Soap Cookies. Each little cookie is made with a custom cookie cutter (I made it) and scented with Mad Oils Velvet Peppercorn fragrance oil. Just enough spice to remind you that gnomes are slightly mischievous. These Sorcery Soap Cookies will be available by the new year.

Gnome Soap Cookies
                  Gnome Soap Cookies

Here’s hoping your holiday shopping is over, that all goes smoothly in your near future and that you have an abundance of creativity in your new year.

If you need a few more things for your holidays, Sorcery Soap can ship this week and (all things being equal) your purchases will arrive 2-3 days after ordering.