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Mixing Soap Dough Colors

Rainbow Sorcery Soap Cookies

On occasion I receive messages asking how to mix soap dough colors.

Ideally it is preferable to make the soap dough with the color mixed into the oils before lye-water is added. I use soap stable micas; some from TKB Trading, Nurture Soap Supply and a few other places.

Read about more about soap dough and how to mix colors here: “An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions.” 

First try making the basic colors, or primary colors – red, blue and yellow. With these prime colors the secondary and tertiary colors can be made. Having white soap dough will give tints of any of these colors.

Here is a video sharing when soap dough has not been made properly and what it looks like when it has been made properly.

If you would like to use my recipe here is pre-made Sorcery Soap dough with all the magic that can be packaged into each bar.

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Sorcery Creations Facebook Group

Sorcery Soap Package Soaps

If you didn’t know, there is a merry little band of soap makers who have joined a group I named “Sorcery Creations” on facebook.

What happens there?

Unusual and peculiar soaps, bath and body product images are posted, soaping inspiration and questions to help you get past your soaping limitations… And many, many extraordinary soap makers to offer their sage wisdom and guidance are among our members.

I understand some soap makers are busy making soap, have an over full life or don’t have the desire to be active on line. I understand and want to offer this, even if you don’t participate you will be influenced in your soap making ideas and abilities by viewing the activities and images in this group.

I see a variety of soap makers who have been influenced by the Sorcery of this soap maker, in and out of this group (I share often) – soap creations that they have had no history of or have never manifested come to life after Sorcery Soaps reached their awareness… Maybe you are one of those, maybe you need a group of soap makers to support your soaping rebelliousness, or maybe you need a surge of inspiration. All good reasons to join Sorcery Creations Facebook group. It is a group of honorable soap makers I have found to have steel integrity.

Also, if you haven’t heard, Sorcery Soapery is moving. If you’d like to help move this Soap Witch, use “MovetheSoapWitch25” at check out before August 31, 2017 to receive 25% off all Sorcery Products even ebooks, which don’t need moving.

I will be, and am, deeply grateful for your help… You will be with me in spirit during our move. Which is all I can ask for.

Thank you to each of you who have helped me so far. Truly is an amazing idea to think people of all over the world are here to help us move this Soapery.


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Moving this little House of Crazy Creations

Rainbow Sorcery Soap Cookies

Some how, moving brings out the most inefficient in me. My very nature abhors moving, but I’ve done it more times than anyone I know. So that, too, must by my nature. A crab changes it’s shell each time it grows out of the old one. I hope this is the case for me too.

More than anything I hope this last period of growth is over for awhile. Well, this type of growth anyway – out growing my shell.  I still want to grow in awareness, compassion, understanding and most importantly, creativity.

I began the next book in Sorcery Soap series which seems to have stalled in lieu of packing, hiking, errands, videos and general chicanery.

Once this move is over, we are all settled into our new home, all Sorcery Soaps have carefully and safely nestled into their new apothecary-ish soapery, I can level-up to my new creativity. I’m looking forward to this experience, manifesting new sorcery, sharing insights and tales of creativity in the new Sorcery Book and expanding the Sorcery Soap products.

Some magic needs to expand.

If you’d like to contribute to moving this Soap Witch, I’ve offered a coupon. Use “MovetheSoapWitch25” at checkout.

Once the coupon expires, this Soapery will be paused until we are completely ready to ship your order unencumbered by the anxiety of changing shells.

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Boundless Limitations

Sorcery Soap Embeds

I’ve been asked why I don’t use silicone molds. This question is curious to me.

I make all embeds by hand, using tools at times, but mostly molding by hand. I sometimes cannot duplicate, often times I can, but not exactly the identical as the first – often times better. This is why sculptors use molds as well. Sculptors carve the original in clay and mold, through a process, into bronze or the desired metal. Some use a lost wax casting method, where the original is lost, but a silicone mold is made before the loss in order to duplicate.

I do not.

I trust in my boundless creativity. I also know that once my fingers and mind have found the path they will, both, remember forever that path. Because I discovered it, I was not taught.  It was not someone else’s path, but uniquely mine.

When one discovers a path, in the woods or in the creative ethers, it is etched onto that person. This might not be true for all, but it most certainly is for me. It has been that way in all my endeavors. How does one put that on a resume? And, it is a most valuable resource.

When I had my construction company I mentally tracked all goings on and as a way of teaching my replacement, I wrote things down, had systems in place and written handbooks. It still took months to teach someone all that I stored in my mind and being. There was a rhythm, a music in my office that showed me my way every day because the events, the actions that were necessary to keep that business moving forward changed daily, therefore I had to adjust and still not lose the melody. That was the nature of the original question presented, how do I show someone that music? How do I teach someone to feel their own music and apply it to given circumstances?

It seems I’m doing something similar with Sorcery Soap. There is a music in this creative world, one that the seasons or the weather tells me as much as the 4-6 weeks curing time tells me. Once soap is cured, that dictates the next series of events: taking of photos, labeling, adding to the website, wrapping soap, writing ad copy… Eventually shipping. This is the most simple example.

How do you know when to order more soap supplies? When I weight things out this last time it seems I have run completely out of my one ingredient I use most… Shea Butter. When I order by “feel” I have yet to run out. Curious.

Like any good musician who knows their music without seeing the page an artist who knows when to create, what to do next and how to execute that action, soap making has its own music.

If anyone ever does end up working with me, there is a time to go for a hike and a time for a run, a time to sit quietly and muse and a time for much activity. These daily events are as important as molding embeds for a soap that hasn’t fully formed in the mind.

This is the music of my day.




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Excellent Meal Excellent Soap

Sorcery Soap Creatures

Do you remember the last time you went to enjoy a beautifully crafted meal by an amazing chef?

Do you remember the last time you went to this same restaurant, had the consciously and precisely made plate set down in front of you?

Do you remember sitting there with the perfection of that plate sitting in front of you and not eat it?

Do you remember asking, “this meal is too beautiful to eat, could you put in a doggy bag for me? I want to keep it.”

Of course not.

You would eat it, enjoy it for hours, days or even the rest of your life. Why? Because of the experience. You would ponder it long afterward, wonder if you could dine at the that restaurant again and enjoy that chef’s creations.

Food creates memories. Why not soap? Soap is much more personal.

Why would you NOT use a beautifully constructed soap? Are you not worth it? Using this soap is what is meant for… To be enjoyed, to be used, to be experienced.

And, soap lasts so much longer than a meal.

Sorcery Soaps are not a corporate production. Hand crafted to the most minute aspect, all thought out as much as any creation can be. Each soap more perfected, each soap with just a bit more sorcery added. All this is just soap… Meant to be used, enjoyed and experienced… And possibly experience a touch of magic.


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Sweet Pea Bunny Soap and News

Sweet Pea Bunnies Soap

Hi you!

Thought I’d catch you up on what’s going on in this soapery.

Sweet Pea Bunnies Soap
Sweet Pea Bunnies Soap

Made a few bunnies for this Sweet Pea fragranced soap. This Sweet Pea fragrance oil from Fillmore Container, although lovely, needs to be treated with care as it accelerates so fast you could have soap on a stick blender. I forgot and used my stick blender.. Yes, indeed I did and was swiftly reminded. Thank goodness I chose a solid, one color, soap base.

Each little bunny has been hand crafted by Sorcery Soap Dough. You’ll be happy to know more Sorcery Soap Dough has been made and will be available in a few days: White, Yellow, Orange and Brown; next colors, Purple, Bright Pink, and Green.

Between keeping up on soap preparation for next months big soap release, soap photography, Soap Interviews, posting, keeping up on Sorcery Creations group and a million other things. Take a peek at the newest soaps when you get a chance.

Writing the next Master Soap Dough and Molding Book is moving along fine. Some of the topics that will be covered in the next Soap Dough and Molding book are:

  • Soap Dough insights
  • Soap Dough History
  • Recipes
  • Shapes
  • Soap Cookies
  • Stencils Soap
  • Stamped Soap
  • Glittered Soap
  • Sample Soap
  • Fondant Tool Use
  • Tips and Tricks

If you need help with Soap Dough making and insights, see the books already available. Soap Dough Books. 

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How to Keep and Store Soap Dough

Sorcery Soap Dough Puffy Hearts

Saponification and Curing

This question has been asked so many times it needs a clear answer. I have written two books on this subject, Soap Dough and Soap Molding. 

Soap dough is made from cold process soap which saponifies anywhere from 8-36 hours. After all the lye molecules have attached to the fat/oils, the soap is safe to touch. (For those who have purchased either of my two books, see “Fear and Danger: Lye Safety” section) AFTER saponification is complete, lye is no longer active. The process of soap and how ingredients make soap.

After you know the process of saponification the next step is a course of logic – curing. Curing is the evaporation of water used to activate and carry the lye (sodium hydroxide) to the fat/oils. It takes 4-6 weeks to cure soap – for all the water to be evaporated from cold process soap. Evaporation of cold process  soap is equivalent to curing.

The curing process does three things:

  1. Curing hardens the soap bar, because water softens the soap,
  2. Curing enables the soap to be correctly weighed, with the water fully evaporated, you are left with the weight of the actual soap,
  3. Curing shrinks and hardens the bar, so the soap can be correctly packaged. If you want to see how much your soap shrinks during curing, wrap a piece of paper around a freshly cut bar cold process soap as tight as possible and leave it for fully 8 weeks. You’ll see how much your soap shrinks, by how loose the band will be. Not accurate but this experiment will give you a visual of the curing process.

Now that you have a working definition of  “curing” you can see how the next step to maintaining your Sorcery Soap Dough is to keep your soap from evaporation.

How to Store Sorcery Soap Dough

By wrapping your soap dough in plastic wrap, placing it inside a plastic airtight bag or container, your soap dough will maintain its pliability.  So, keep air away from your soap dough and your soap dough will stay moldable for months. Even the best air tight containers will allow some air, and the soap will have a harder form, simply work the soap dough in your hands and your soap dough will soften. It softens from the heat of your hands along with breaking the structure of the soap.

Working this information backward, what keeps the soap pliable is water.


  • Cold process soap is made with water,
  • Saponification takes 8-36 hours for the lye to be come inactive, touching soap after full saponification is perfectly safe,
  • Curing i.e. water evaporation takes approximately 6 weeks,
  • Maintaining water in cold process by wrapping in plastic, avoiding air exposure, keeps soap pliable and therefore “SOAP DOUGH”.
  • Sorcery Soap Dough is an ideal recipe I have cultivated that produces a smooth, pliable and moldable dough. 
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Easy to Make Soap Stones Rocks

Sorcery Soap Stone Rocks

Two points in this newsletter

  1. Soap Stone Rock How-to Video
  2. Sorcery Soap Coupon for the actual book. Sorcery Soap only releases coupons 2-3 times a year. 

Easy to make soap stones and rocks with Sorcery Soap Dough!

If you’ve been wondering how to make soap stones, here you go. A video with speaking instructions on how to make these clever little soap stones.

New soaps coming soon!


For those who want a Sorcery Soap recipe book, “A Soap Recipe Book of Light and Shadow”…

  • 20 Soap / Cold process soap recipes
  • 10 Animal Product FREE recipes
  • Lots of Soaping Tips and Tricks, CHARTS and Surprises! 




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Moldable Soap Recipe by Sorcery Soap™

Sorcery Soap Dough

Moldable Soap Recipe by Sorcery Soap™

Free Sorcery Soap dough recipe, video and information.

 Purchase Pre-Made Soap dough with the Soap Witch’s secret recipe here:  Sorcery Soap Dough 

 Get your copies of both Sorcery Soap books here!

More soap bar and soap dough recipes in both books, tips, tricks and insights to how to make and handle soap dough in both books.

This information is meant to help expand your soaping repertoire, explore more creative options (sans silicon molds) and to inspire you to new creative worlds! 

*Critical piece of information: Soap temperatures 70-85 degree fahrenheit. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Always keep the soap covered and sealed from air. Saponification does not need air, but curing does.
  • The amount of water in soap is important. It keeps the soap pliable and soft. This is the water percent I use, however, I live in the desert.
  • Keep the new soap sealed. If you are using a mold after 24-36 hours, un-mold and put in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Test your soap by rolling a small ball, examine how it feels. Is it sticky?
  • Use in 3-5 days.
  • Your soap dough should be ideal to use.

I will be posting another “lard free” recipe soon!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

When Working With your Soap Dough

  • When working with soap, use a muslin bag filled with corn starch to keep the soap from sticking to the work surface and itself. Too much corn starch will leave your soaps looking powdery so use with frugal care.
  • Spraying tools with 91% alcohol will keep cutters and plungers from sticking.
  • Spraying with water will make soap dissolve. Remember how soap behaves in the shower?
  • Once removed from the sealed container, soap will begin evaporation and curing.
  • Be patient with yourself, if you want to make embeds by hand, it will take time to learn.
    • This is a basic recipe, created with easy to access ingredients at your local grocery.



Basic Sorcery Soap Dough Recipe
Basic Sorcery Soap Dough Recipe
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Soap Making is About the Details

Sorcery Soap Fairy Cookies

Even after having made so much soap I still have a long way to go in my apprenticeship. I am in awe of the amount of attention to detail soap making requires.

I read some where that an apprenticeship requires 10,000 hours. (Actually, what I read said to master anything takes 10,000 hours.) I use that as a rule of thumb. If I work at soap making 40 hours a week to complete my 10,000 hours of apprenticeship will take 4.8 years. I don’t think even after 10,000 hours soap will be mastered and this is the allure of soap making for me.

So, to glean as much information as I can while I’m making soap, reading about soap and thinking about soap.  I pay attention to a variety of details. I have not fully fallen down the rabbit hole and am still absorbing aspects of combining NaOH and oils/fats to make a product that cleans skin – soap.

Why do I say I haven’t fully fallen down the rabbit hole? Because much like Alice I haven’t yet picked up the cadence of the speech of the other world, not yet found my power (fully) in that other world as to make myself completely comfortable. If I have this awareness then I realize I also haven’t fully grasped the subtleties of the other world, the soap world and the magic that is soap making.

It’s much like playing Euchre. One can gasp the basics of the card game well enough to play. To know the feelings, subtleties, and nuances of this fast paced game, takes playing the game and time. I have been playing for 30 years. I am a reasonable Euchre player. I can mentally keep track of the cards and still I’ll throw off-trump. I can tell when someone plays the rules and not by gut-feeling. I also can tell when they cannot read me or the other players. All these layers of awareness take time. Some can be taught, but to fully understand and win takes practice and a dash of luck.

I also realize no one can teach these layers of awareness to me regarding soap making. I must keep my eyes open, pay attention to as many details as I can absorb and keep turning the spiral wheel; with every turn I pick up something new. With every batch of soap I have an opportunity to learn something new. Each batch is practice.

Details are Important

Not to overwhelm new soapers, because you will only see the top layer of information in the beginning, but with every new soap another layer of understanding will reveal itself, no worries. In essence, you will only see what you are ready and willing to see. This applies for soap and just about everything.

I recently asked for help in a soap group about soda ash. I know more than I did last time I asked the same question, and the time before that, but still its rather illusive. Weather (local humidity), condition of the NaOH, temperature of the room, temperature of the oils, additives, how the soap is treated after pour… All these things are important.

I also realized that there are many soapers who do not see soda ash on their soaps.  If one is not getting soda ash, does it mean they know how to avoid it? Or did all the important elements come together and soda ash was not created? That is why I brought this point to the surface, “Create Soda Ash.” No one wants soda ash, but knowing how to create it is another aspect of knowing how to avoid it.

I have realized that creating soda ash or not creating soda ash has been one of my bigger lessons. I might be more focused on it because of the detailed embellishments I put on top, which means I cannot easily wash the soda ash off or steam it off either. Therefore, I have to focus on this details and KNOW how it happens.

Another Aspect of Soap Making

Another detail, shifting gears, is how we build relationships in our soaping world. Many of us are independent thinkers, creatives, doers of the world.  Soap gets made. Doers do. Doers move elements of this world and bring ideas into the material world. This power is not to be taken lightly, but it has been – for thousands of years.

When it comes to making business alliances we (I am speaking for all of us in a general sense) want to be treated fairly, not like employees.

It has been my experience that retailers think we, when wholesaling, work for them. This is a slightly incorrect view.

A rule of thumb: If the person (assumed to be an employee) stops doing what they do, does your business stop? Then that is the most important person to your business and therefore should be treated with at least that much respect, even if you pay them. Paying someone does not equal “employee.”  An employee is also (or should be) treated with respect, but I’ll save that topic for another day.

We have an opportunity to re-design how business works. Its not as if business has been working so well it can’t stand improvement.

We can see each other as vital and important, treating each other fairly.

There are a few things to consider when wholesaling hand made goods.

  1. Can this easily be found anywhere?
  2. Am I offering something it would take my customers effort to discover and/ or make?
  3. Is this product unique and different?
  4. Am I making a quality item available?
  5. Am I saving my customer time and effort?
  6. Am I delighted to offer this product?
  7. Will my customers love this new product?

All these things should be compensated, and therefore, a deal can be struck. Simply making money is not a good reason to build a business relationship. That is the old way of thinking and conducting business. Clearly, our world needs a new way of relationship building and a new business model.

I have been approached by big and small businesses to wholesale. Those who ask me do not understand how much time and detail goes into what I create and are just tickled and excited about my soap creations.  That’s cool, they don’t have to understand in the beginning.  It is my job to explain what I do and keep a level head for both of us. With that said, I am no one’s employee. Treat me as if I am an employee (typical condescending disrespect) and I will balk.

I work 8-12 hours a day, spend most waking moment studying and applying myself and work for myself to avoid this type of treatment. I treat myself with respect, honor and dignity. You don’t have to, but I will also know that too.

Ask me in a short email “do you wholesale?”  I will reply with as much effort. “No.”

Ask me to wholesale and after much effort in negotiations, deliberations and many emails and if you don’t keep your phone appointment three times. I will refuses you. Quite simply, our business models don’t align. I’ve seen this many times, and have learned. When it comes time to pay me for my efforts, if you cannot respect my time in the beginning you won’t respect my time later.

Just because you can get something cheaper doesn’t mean you should. Just because everyone else is doing something one way means its the best or ideal way to do a thing.

I learned a great lesson early on. If someone tells you through words or actions not to trust them, believe them. I do not doubt or argue their truth because it will result in more of what they are offering. (This applies to dating, marriage and all forms of relationships, in my opinion).

In conclusion, I focus on everything – everything in my awareness. I strive to not over look or dismiss any detail. After all, what else is there in life, but the details?

With this new lesson truly learned if I get stuck on a detail I pick up my needle, move it to a new place on the record and keep listening to the music.

The devil is most certainly in the details. 😉


Make Soap Dough

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