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Touching Soap Base

I want to touch base with you, my Soap Sister-Witches!

I’ve been a little below the radar lately and I’ve figured some things out.

While I’ve been rather quite I’ve been making soap (shocker) and working on the next Sorcery book. This one, “Soap Dough Magic, The Complete Guide To Soap Dough” is much more comprehensive with step-by-steps, favorite soap dough (and bar soap) recipes, mica recipes and more peculiar soap ideas. This takes a LOT of focus and time, but there is much I want to share about the wonders of soap dough.

Hitch Hiker Snail and Gnome Soap
Hitch Hiker Snail and Gnome Soap

As you may, or may not, know I spend most of my time making soap. Not just any soap, but Sorcery Soap. With each soap I want to you to feel as if it’s the most amazing soap you’ve ever seen. I want you to experience shock at a Buttered Popcorn Soap, or delight in a sweet little bunny hugging a carrot or curiosity at a newly hatched Baby Soap Dragon. A tall order. I have set the bar so high for myself I might not full achieve this goal in my life time, but I keep trying.

I find delight to be exactly next to beauty but not out-done by curiosity. All three are personal moments of a sincere connection to the artist’s creation. I think the world could always use more delight and most certainly more beauty and curiosity leads to many great adventures.

I also discovered we all have our form of connection that works for us. Mine is writing. Although I do make videos, and am getting better at presenting information in this format, I love writing. Continuing to work on the next soap dough book has brought some thoughts to the surface. I’m going to offer this book as an audio book as well. I like it when I’m read to, so I figured you might too.

My other form of connection is photography. I love telling stories with pictures. I just had my favorite camera lens repaired. Gosh, that lens has traveled all over with me, hanging off my shoulder in huge pastures of horses, back country round-ups, getting mud-splattered at rodeos and taking soap photos. I didn’t realize it wasn’t functioning correctly and probably hasn’t been for some time. When it finally failed I took it in. What a big difference.

Bring YOUR Light

Bring the best of yourself to the table. Only you know what the very best means. If you keep your light from the world it will have a hole in it the size of your soul. Our world needs more light, your light, exactly as you are. If you have no idea of your purpose, (which is a very big concept) reduce it to this… Do your level best with every single task. Every. Single. Task. Bring your profound energy and attention to washing your soap dishes in equal measure to making your soaps. If you have any doubts, just do this for a year, a month, a week, or just a day. And see what happens. 

I will leave you (for now) with this idea. I have found that moving into new levels of creativity has shown me more shadow in myself, at first, than light, but ohhh… The light!

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It Is What It Is

Me, Pax and Dogs

After a few years of people being curious about what I do with soap, I chose to write a book, then another.

Both are what I actually do. The first book is my process. My intimate personal process of how I posture myself, my internal attitudes and my practice. The real things I do. Not the theory or ideals of what I do, but the stuff – the day-to-day things I do to get my mind ready to create something not yet seen, by me or anyone.

Every action I take to get myself in the right position to create, my tips and tricks, all those little nuanced things I learned on my own, along the way from being quite, reflecting on my own interpretations and observations of the world I shared. Those very moments and practices I didn’t think I would share, I shared.

I happily, tentatively at times,  shared these things. These private, intimate details. I know they are very different than a lot of others and I plowed ahead anyway.

The second book is the polished version of my personal soap recipe book. It is the cultivated version, the best recipes and the very best ways and ideas I have used to stay organized – the subtle tips and tricks I learned by observing, taking notes, reflecting and doing it again and again. Each recipe was an initiation for me. Each recipe took pounds and pounds of soap to make, weeks to cure and make again…

I was asked many times “how do you do that?” So, I responded to that question by writing.

Many, many people are generous and lovely, but there are those who are not happy. Nothing I can do will make them happy, but for some reason these people must share their unhappiness with me and try and make me feel badly for being me. For some reason those few voices are more powerful than the lovely and kind voices of those who support me.

This has been truly difficult for me to work through. The snide comments, the snarky suggestions… All this is hurtful. But those people are not reading this newsletter and therefore will never understand how their choice to behave in a base way, an angry way toward someone who’s intention was to help, affects those around them.

These same angry people fuel the world and make it much harder for those who want to see beauty in the world to continue with that vision. What those angry people do not understand is, it’s all a choice. I choose to carry on. I may write another book, and I’ll continue to share my odd little soaps, even teach some day, but for now I am taking time to lick my slight wounds; heal those lashes that do effect me, in a cumulated way.

I wanted you to know that seeing the world with a bit of magic in it, honoring what is and choosing to still see magic has its bumps, but it is possible to move forward seeing the world with glints of sparkle that remind you there are unseen things, and those things could very well be fairies.

My goal, as those who have read my book know, is to create more good than harm, with others and most importantly, myself. I’ll keep creating, keep posting and sharing, but from a distance… For now.