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Only Soap?

Sorcery Soap

The soap that arrives at your home is the end result of many calculations.

Many processes happen to get the highly detailed soap to you. Would you like to hear the tale of a bar of Sorcery Soap?

Sorcery Soap
Sorcery Soap


The idea strikes. A fragrance oil inspires an idea with images or a moment of inspiration engulfs me while out in nature, or a variety of ways, but the inspiration happens like a wonderful undetectable scent

meant only for me. It’s that subtle. I might be the only one to smell the fragrance, and if that’s the case, I find it my obligation to take some action on it. It’s like a little unrecognizable seed planted, not knowing if it will grow to a might oak or a beautiful rose. So, I take the chance, nurture it best I can, care for it while it grows in hopes it takes root and then tend it when it’s matured.

Here are more pragmatic steps:

  1. Development of cold process soap recipe.
  2. Development of cold process SOAP DOUGH recipe.
  3. Constructing the idea. I see this like idea-gardening.
  4. Development of the soap design, also similar to idea-gardening, but a bit more like landscaping.
  5. Many attempts to create the embellishments, size, shape, details until the idea has matured.
  6. Developing the over-all bar of soap: colors, fragrances, executing process of previous…
  7. Making and creating soap, placing embellishment (which can be tricky at best).
  8. Waiting. Much like a gardener, patience is an alchemists best (and oft-times under utilized) tool.
  9. Un-molding soap very carefully (many soaps have not made the cut because of unrepairable nicks, etc.).
  10. Curing. Not for one moment do I ignore the soaps at this point. It would be like thinking a gardener ignores the plants while growing. I tend them, check on them, examine them as they cure.
  11. Hand beveling edges and general clean-up of each bar of soap, careful to not damage tops.
  12. Developing labels, names, taking photographs along the way… Sharing the progression and valuing each soap, as it is still unknown if they will survive the journey to your home.
  13. Writing ad copy for the website so you know what you will receive in each bar of soap, examining in great detail the scents, to effectively communicate the scent and experience of each soap.
  14. Labeling and shrink wrapping; each stage is a test to see if the soap is sturdy enough to withstand touching, use and shipment. Many soaps are lost at this stage as well. This is, in part, why I strive to develop soap embellishments that lay down, or few parts that stick up, to avoid breakage. It does me little good to make something so elaborate it breaks during the shipment, because I strive to create the very opposite of disappointment – the goal is to create such delight you hesitate to use the soap. Ah, but eventually all soaps will be used, either by you or time.

There is another aspect that I don’t share much, we utilize a bit of each soap, either a sample or a full bar, in our homes and on our persons. I think its important to know how each soap preforms, particularly when using a new recipe.

When I read that a person’s goal is to make money with a soap business I am a bit disappointed. Now, not everyone does everything with identical motives, however, this process, this care that is involved with soap creations is not about that device of trade we have labeled money. It’s like saying that someone is learning to grow flowers to make money. Any art form… It will work, but what will be the out come? This process, Sorcery Soap, not only tests all my artistic skill, but also grows my person, my soul. How can I quantify how rich my life is with each one of you in it? How can I quantify the colorful tapestry of creativity that floats in my world now? And, to think… Its only soap.

Bee the Soap Witch

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In Time for the Holidays Soap Release

Arctic Fox Sorcery Soap

New Soaps now available in time for the holidays. Not many of each, along with many other unique soaps for stocking stuffers.

Adjusted and lower 1st Class USPS shipping options as well.

Some of the soap cookies (among others) that will be included in your order:

White Soap Cookies
White Soap Cookies
Santa Soap Cookie
Santa Soap Cookie

Arctic Fox Soap

Drunk Duck Soap

Tangled Soap


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Mixing Soap Dough Colors

Rainbow Sorcery Soap Cookies

On occasion I receive messages asking how to mix soap dough colors.

Ideally it is preferable to make the soap dough with the color mixed into the oils before lye-water is added. I use soap stable micas; some from TKB Trading, Nurture Soap Supply and a few other places.

Read about more about soap dough and how to mix colors here: “An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions.” 

First try making the basic colors, or primary colors – red, blue and yellow. With these prime colors the secondary and tertiary colors can be made. Having white soap dough will give tints of any of these colors.

Here is a video sharing when soap dough has not been made properly and what it looks like when it has been made properly.

If you would like to use my recipe here is pre-made Sorcery Soap dough with all the magic that can be packaged into each bar.

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New Soap Dough & Extended Coupon

A Book and a Cup Soap

New Soap Dough Colors available!

Both Sorcery Soap Dough Books
Both Sorcery Soap Dough Books

White, Red, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Black and GOLD, or faery face color! 

All your purchases will help us move. Yup, we’re moving into our home soon and we’d like your help to minimize our Sorcery Soap inventory.

Also, now, obtain Both Sorcery Soap Dough books for the price of one!

Sorcery Soap Dough
Sorcery Soap Dough Colors
Button Box Soap
Button Box Soap

I’d rather ship these soaps to you than move them to our new home. 🙂 This is how much I would love it if you’d help us move:

Use Coupon Code at check out and receive 20% off. “MovetheSoapWitch” 

This 20% off is good for EVERYTHING, even though I don’t have to move ebooks, it seems fair.  And you don’t even have to sweat the 108 degree desert weather.

I appreciate the opportunity to start fresh on many levels of our new home. I hope you take full advantage of our move.

Begins: Saturday 8/5/2017

Expires: Thursday 8/31/2017

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Rosemary Rainbow Sorcery Soap

Here you go… We are getting ready to move.

It is your opportunity to get things you might have wanted from the Sorcery Soap Creations – soaps, books, even ebooks, (and we don’t have to move those).


Use: “SoapSpell30” at check out good until 7-31-17

Minimum order $20 purchase.

Sorcery Soap July Coupon

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Give Back Sorcery Soap Contest and Sorcery Coupon

Sorcery Soap Contest and Coupon

After so much outstanding support from Soap Witches and Soap Sisters, Sorcery Soap is giving back to you!

Win $100 worth of Sorcery Products!

Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize
Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize
Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize
Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize
Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize
Sorcery Soap Give Away Grand Prize
Sorcery Soap Sister Soap Witch Apron
Sorcery Soap Sister Soap Witch Apron











Dragonlings Sorcery Creature Soaps
Dragonlings Sorcery Creature Soaps
Horse Apple Sorcery Soap
Forbidden Fruit Pink Grapefruit
Forbidden Fruit Pink Grapefruit
Bewitched Soap
Bewitched Soap
Seahorse Soap
Seahorse Soap












Rosebud Soap
Rosebud Soap
















  • Your choice of one heavy duty 100% cotton Sorcery Soaping Apron:  Soap Sister or Soap Witch Apron 
  • 6 bars of custom Sorcery Soap: Horse Apples, Seahorse, Dragonlings, Bewitched, Rosebud and Forbidden Fruit 
  • 5 Sorcery Soap Cookies, stamped and glittered – 
  • 6 Unique Sorcery Soap Sample Scents 
  • 14 sets – A Sorcery Soap Molding Kit: 
    1. rolling pin,
    2. smoother
    3. large hand tools,
    4. small hand tools,
    5. butterfly plunger set,
    6. large blossom plunger set,
    7. small blossom plunger set,
    8. tribal plunger set,
    9. star plunger set,
    10. small flower set,
    11. flower cookie cutter set,
    12. star/leaf cookie cutter set,
    13. snowflake cookie cutter and
    14. leaf fondant plunger set.

How it works to win $100 value of Sorcery Products

Make a purchase in the time frame from June 9 – July 2, 2017. Do what you do, buy any Sorcery Soap product and you’ll be entered in the Sorcery Contest! That’s it. Super simple.

Anyone who has made a purchase in the time period will have their name entered into the contest.

Entries: For every $10 you spend, your name will be entered once. Example: if you spend $50 before shipping your name will be entered 5 times. 

I would love it if you liked this post, or shared it, but I’m not asking for you to do more than what you normally do which is purchase Sorcery Soap and continue your enthusiasm toward Soap Wicthery and Sisterhood!

As an incentive here is your coupon for 15% off  your order so you win before the drawing. Use “GiveBack15” at check out. 

Sorcery Soap Contest Drawing date: June 9 – July 2, 2017.

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Arcane Soaps – Sorcery Soap Sale

Tangled 3 Purple

Arcane Soaps Tangled Soap - Pink

Cleaning out the Sorcery Soap™ Closet! 

This offer is for soaps that won’t be made again, are seasonal, or are just ready to be in your shower.

Take advantage of Sorcery Soap Closet cleaning to get a great bar of soap for a ridiculously low price. $2.00-$3.50!

Also, take advantage of the new shipping prices! One price for all Domestically shipped soaps, no matter the weight.

If you’ve been looking for our newest endeavor, Sorcery Products™ check out our Amazon Store.

We have a 60 Piece Fondant and Cookie cutter set as well as any of these sets available and packaged individually.

All soaps and products generally ship that day and reach you in 2 days.

Sorcery Products™

Rolling pin –

Small 14 Sculpting tools –

Large sculpting tools –

Heart plunger –

Star plunger –

Detailed Butterfly plunger –

Flower cutter 4 piece–

Flower plunger 4 piece –

Detailed Leaf plunger –

Large BLOSSOM plunger –

Tribal flower plunger –

Star cutter –

Small blossom –

60 piece set-

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More Good than Harm, Too

Truman the dog and Teddy

Doing more good than harm has been my motto, a guiding force in my life.

I haven’t always lived like this, at some point things changed.

Me, Pax and Dogs
Me, Pax and Dogs

As a kid I had no idea about what was harm. I lived on a farm. My clothes were hand made which I thought awful at the time – fittings, fittings and more fittings was too much standing in one place for me. I wore furs from the time I could remember what I wore. Little fur coats, a fur hat with pom-poms and even a muff. I had no idea fur coats were not the best use for animals. And, if I were in the wild, I would wear a fur coat sans the pom-poms.


We ate all we raised, which means we killed our animals. There was a rule – we told someone when one of us went to the lift-top freeze in the garage. Occasionally we’d hear of someone who fell in and died. That put fear into the parents when our freezer supply got low and we had to reach in deep. All I knew of meat was white paper-wrapped pieces of meat with black marker names, “chicken”, “pheasants”, “quail”, “goose”, “duck”, “turkey”… We had a large garden too, which us-kids had to weed, canned all we produced and found great pride in not needing to go to the local grocer for anything other than milk. We didn’t have a cow.


My clothes – although originally were hand-sewn, which my Swedish-Lutheran mother proudly boasted over the top of my custom designed birthday cake – turned into hand-me-downs from my older cousin. No more custom clothes for me. One day mother was there controlling my clothes, the next… Evaporated. Gone.

I cherished my new-for-me cool clothes from my cousin, Billy Jean. She was cool and so, of course, her clothes were cool no matter what she gave me. Billy Jean was happy, laughed a lot and was so funny… She too evaporated. Gone.

That changed me.

As an adult I have done my level best to not be a burden to this world or those around me. I have recycled and bought recycled everything, in other words “used”, pass down, old, even though I can afford to buy new. My thinking has been, why create more if there already is enough? 

I bought farm fresh free-range meat and eggs until the lovely little farm was closed. I sensed shenanigans were afoot, and that farm got the crap end of the political stick.

Me and my first Pony
Me and my first Pony

I even recycled horses, dogs, birds and cats for awhile. I took other people’s broken animals, unwanted creatures, healed them, trained them to understand humans (since humans are terrible at understanding animals) and re-homed them with loving, responsible people. You know what? The same people who created those wounded beings continued to do the same. They didn’t learn by my efforts. So I quit.

All this is from a person who didn’t talk about these things, but just got to the “doing” of them.


I’m doing my level best to make a low impact, good-for-you, enjoyable soaps. Its that simple. I also support those who seem similar minded in the industry. I want to make soaping fun and make tools available. So, I imported some fondant tools and cookie cutters, a custom ordered 60 piece set – all the things I thought someone could use.

It was a good deal of effort. It took us about six months to get it all together, but we started looking into it about a year ago. Forget what the youtubers say that importing can be done in a few weeks. Ugh. Just to get samples took weeks.

I’m looking into why we use silk in soap? What types are best and all the pros and cons of buying silk.

This world is an amazing place. I’ve forced myself to do without for most of my life. Now, I’m living with what is, verses what I want it to be. I use lard in soaps. I simply have not found a better ingredient than lard. Oh, and I did grow up with it, and it wasn’t bad for you then, (and is still not bad for you now). I don’t agree with the way we farm animals today, and still there are by-products that can be utilized. Do my dollars support horrible husbandry? Or do I offset it by not buying new (except for soap stuff)? A complex issue I do not have answer for, but I keep putting my motto forward, strive to do more good than harm. Now with the caveat, “do not sacrifice the self”. 


Truman the dog and Teddy
Truman our dog and Teddy


P.S. Truman had been left on the side of the road along with his two litter mates, as puppies. When I met him, I knew he was a keeper-dog. He’s a kind, discriminating, clever dog and I’m glad to call him family. I see great value in things others do not, even in animals and people, others have discarded. I was one, once. 

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Ugly Betty Soap Box

Ugly Betty Soap Box

These are the Ugly Betty soaps of Sorcery Soap. They all work, they will clean your body.

Ugly Betty Soaps
Ugly Betty Soap Box

Making less than ideal soaps is well… not ideal. My desire for perfection is to your advantage.

These Ugly Betty’s have been dinged up, too many air bubbles, discontinued, un-planned color bleeds, have spots or less than perfect bars. If you’ve wanted hand crafted soaps and don’t care how they look these might be for you!


  • Pink Grapefruit – seductively tangy fragrance blends fresh pink grapefruit with sweet valencia orange, mouth-watering clementine, and soft florals.
  • Sweet Willow – Willow Blossom boasts top notes of lemon zest softened by a fresh bouquet of violet, jasmine, geranium & melon on a light musk base.
  • Sandalwood – Sandalwood is strengthened by patchouli and light musk, with higher notes of clove, rose, dill weed, cinnamon leaf and jasmine, topped with citrus.
  • Forbidden Forest – Dragon Silk, full of mystery, magic and grounded in a deep woods scents of pine and fir, rich low forest moss with a hint of smoke.
  • Unscented – Soap scent.

Each Ugly Betty Soap Box will have at least 1 pound of soap, approximately 4- 5 bars and an One Soap Cookie. (Soap Cookies are only being offered in Magic Soap Boxes or Ugly Betty Boxes.)

Soap Tips for Longer Use

For longer use remove from direct water, to allow the soap to dry between uses.


Real Soap – not detergent! 

* Handmade with great care
* Fun to look at
* Solid hard bar of chemical-free soap
* A new scent in the bath
* Delightfully designed soap for doing a daily task
* Bubbly, creamy and conditioning for your skin

  • Phthalate Free
  • Preservative Free
  • SLS Free
  • Detergent Free

A clean fresh scent and thoughtful gift. Each soap was made thoughtfully, safely and with conditioning for all skin.


This soap was made with coconut oil for cleansing and bubbles, Olive oil and Shea and cocoa butter for skin conditioning and Silk for the touch and slip of this soap.

Ingredients: Craftiness, Lard Glyceride, Cocos Nucifera Oil (Coconut Oil), Triglycerides, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Olea Europaea (Olive Oil), Ricinus Communis (Castor Oil), Theobroma Cocoa (Cocoa Butter), Aqua, fragrance oils, colorants, Titanium Dioxide and raw silk.

Handmade Quality

*★ 。* *★ 。*

Because this is handmade there will be irregularities.

All weights and sizes are approximate.

Each Ugly Betty Soap Box will have at least 1 pound of soap, approximately 4- 5 bars, each bar is 5-6 oz each or more, and one Soap Cookie Heart, Leaves or Flower.

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Why Failure IS an Option

Why Failure IS an Option

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”

Marcus Aurelius

Contest Soaps for Sorcery Soap

I asked myself, “when have I failed?”

My answer, “When I’ve tried something outside my limitations, gone beyond my knowledge.”

When have I succeeded? What did it look like?

When I’ve done a behavior that has worked and repeated it over and over; this was to achieve the result I saw as success. Sit with that a second…

How did you figure out how the “thing” that worked? Did you try other methods that didn’t work first?

When I had exhausted all my known ways, I tried something outside my comfort zone. I had no concern with failure. That’s not to say I wasn’t aware of failure, I chose to not let that stop me. I pushed past it, until I found something that did work. I kept at it, with a tenacity that helped me to get the results I wanted, despite fails.

I moved past all my excuses as well. Setting those aside, if they did arise, I saw finding an answer much more interesting that sitting in the failure and stopping there.

I said, “I’ll figure it out until its not a failure.” So, failure was an option, and did happen. I saw it and chose to keep going.

I found a repeatable result and called this “success.”  So, Success is a repeatable result and failure is not finding the answer. That’s it. No more, no less… For me. For now.

When to Quit

And then, there are times to quit. When I’ve tried everything within my awareness, grown my awareness and knowledge, tried new methods, and the situation causes more harm than good… I can find no joy, I’m creating more harm than good in myself, and probably others. I have to take a larger view. Maybe this is a piece to the greater puzzle, but not the end, just some hyper focused step IN the journey. The question now is, “what’s next?”

So, my question today is, am I causing my good than harm, for myself in all my endeavors? Is the struggle interesting enough to find the answer?

Yes. Yes, it is.

How I made the Hand Molded Soaps

Because I failed many, many times, but didn’t stop there. The results are my Sorcery Soaps.