Terms of Purchase


To purchase Sorcery Soap read this, please.

Each soap has been made with great care. I measure exactly, protect and hone my recipes and have absolute focus as I create this soap.

I am a trained esthetician and maintain my state license – with that said, I support healthy skin. I avoid skin dogma, and support how you live.

My soap is meant to gently clean oil and dirt from your skin. They may be slight conditioning, but over all I make no other claims than this soap will clean your skin. The delight you might experience is up to you.


I began making soap because I wanted to know exactly what was in my soap and what I apply to my body. I share this education with you. (Please read Soap Philosophy).

Nature of Handmade

All Sorcery Soaps are handmade and will have irregularities. Don’t worry. The soap isn’t broken… It will still clean! That I can guarantee.


My weights are approximate because I hand cut. Each piece is a bit different a little more or less, but I will claim lighter than expected. You can keep this extra part.

Depending on your skin type, the ph of your skin, will depend on how you respond to this soap. I strive for distinct bubbles, not too drying but enough cleansing to feel clean and not need to use body lotion, only if you want to.


I suggest you try my soap. If for, whatever reason, you don’t like my soap discontinue using it.

If you do like, even love Sorcery Soap, I hope you tell everyone about it. I can always use a review or a testimonial. This is incredibly valuable for me and for those who are considering trying my soaps.


If, for whatever reason, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact me. I am a reasonable person and will do everything in my power to maintain the integrity of our honorable dealings. My goal is that you are very pleased every time you order from Sorcery Soap.

I cannot, due to the nature of soap, accept returns. It is my goal to ensure you will never ask to return anything.

How will I reach that goal?Soap Witch #soap #handmade #handmadesoap #handcraftedsoap #handcraftedbath #artisansoap #beautyandbath #sorcerysoap

By clear communication, being honorable and giving a touch more than you expect.

Thank you for your support and I hope my soap leaves you clean and a bit happier!