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Threw This Out

Harvest Moon Fox

I almost threw this little Arctic Fox in the trash.

Harvest Moon Fox
Harvest Moon Fox

Not even kidding, the fragrance was so strong after I made it had I not had a room to store it in, away from the rest of the house, I might have. I have thrown other soaps out because of the fragrance oil. A Fruit soap pie, Hansel and Gretel Pie, for instance. The entire thing in the trash. Also, an Apple pie soap, although both took a ton of time, I couldn’t tolerate the scent. Out of the bottle it was fine, but as they cured, they were horrible… to me.

How can I offer a soap that I refuse to allow in my home? I can’t truly believe in it.

And, let’s say I do make it available and others love it, I get requests to make more of a scent that is offensive to my olfactory… I will have created the rock and the hard place. I, no one else, will have created that experience.

So, when I un-molded this Harvest Moon (by Nature’s Garden) Arctic Fox I was gravely disappointed. The scent, acceptable out of the bottle, was over powering as it cured. I stuck it in the spare room and let it do what it would do. Now, a month later, and the scent has calmed down I’m fully in love with it. Who knew?

Lesson learned. Now, after all the soaps I’ve offered to the soap gremlins at their altar (the garbage bin) I will be a bit more patient with delicate and moody fragrance oils. After all, I can be similar in nature.

Now you know, any scents or Sorcery Soap fragrance blends I make I love. Truly love them, and use some or all of the fragrances in my own home. When I can create a moment, inspired by a scent, in your private sanctuary (the shower or bath) that can transform, even for a moment, I feel as if I’m doing my job. More then that, I’m living my deep purpose.

Apple Pie Soap

Hansel and Gretel Soap



5 thoughts on “Threw This Out

  1. I see soapers do that quite a bit – use a FO they’re not fond of because their customers like it. I can totally see your point in getting rid of one you can’t stand. I made some coffee soap like that once. Throwing away good soap breaks my heart though. What about giving it away to a homeless shelter or other cause? Then the soap can still serve its purpose, you’ve helped someone, and no sales requests for it down the line. Possibly win-win? Just thinking out loud. 🙂

    <3 *hugs*

  2. I agree about redirecting that purpose. I did try. Really tried to donate soaps. They insist on it being packaged, labeled and sealed. Well… That is our over regulated world. I choose not to participate and support that system at all! In the grand scheme, a few pounds of waste is small potatoes as the majority of Sorcery Soaps are a success. I strive to live lightly in other areas by not producing waste, rare (if ever) purchasing produced food, but cooking all our food… Never, EVER eating sugar (and sugar is in EVERYTHING) eliminates most packaged food so there’s one gesture I make with a lifetime commitment. 🙂 Considering the circumstances I’m making as conscious choices as possible to not participate, but offer unique creations based on this simple idea, “do more with less”. 🙂

  3. One more thought, humans are complex expressions of ideas, philosophies and beliefs… With that said, striving to keep things as simple and avoiding over complications are guiding forces with Sorcery Soaps, and pouring all the complex nature into the creations itself. 🙂

  4. I can totally get behind those sentiments. 🙂 I had no idea that shelters were that insistent on packaging and labeling. There’s a drop box near us that I’ve once or twice just dropped off bars – in a large plastic zipper bag, not just throwing bars into the bin individually, lol. Guess I won’t be doing that anymore!


  5. All shelters are different, I suspect. Maybe check what that shelter’s requirements are. 🙂

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