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Tiny Soap Flowers

How to Make Tiny Soap Flowers

A video and instructions for making tiny soap flowers, from Sorcery Soap.

*For more information about soap molding, see: Resources.  For simple recipes see this simple soap recipe.

Fondant Plunger Used

To make molded soap flowers, it is a good idea to use a soap recipe that produces a smooth soap. I have posted some easy to use soap recipes for this purpose.

Ingredients for Simple Soap Recipe for Soap Molding

  • Lard – 50%
  • Coconut Oil – 30%
  • Soybean Oil – 20%
  • *Soybean oil can be substituted with castor oil or olive oil.

In the video the color has been adjusted, as the warm lights made all things orange, but in adjusting the color all the color of the yellow soap dough has been eliminated.  It is a bright yellow color.

The “flour” used for dusting is cornstarch, in a muslin bag. More corn starch would generally be used, for example, when making cookies, however, with soap its ideal to avoid over use, as it dries soap and could produce cracks. So, the soap appears to be a bit sticky, however, produces a much nice result.

6 thoughts on “Tiny Soap Flowers

  1. When you make your molding soap, do you color it first or paint it on after?
    I tried the recipe that you had shared before and made a little bit of several different colors.
    I tried molding a hobbit door. Like the whole soap would be a hobbit
    My fingers first felt very moisturizer, then later extremely dry.
    Is that normal?
    BTW, as always your soaps are beautiful. I wish the video showed more, like making a complete little flower but thanks for showing us your art <3
    With love and magic

  2. I do both, Omneya, color soap before and paint with mica’s afterward. If you use alcohol at any point during your soap molding this will dry your hands and the act of washing your hands regularly, and I find I must do this since soap at this stage is sticky, will dry your hands as well.

    I’ll make more videos in the future and am working on a book this year, so more will be shared. Thank you for your post!

  3. Oh so molding should be done soon after unmolding your soap. Not like 3 weeks later, like i did. Even though they were wrapped up good and then put in a ziplock baggy,

  4. Not quiet what I said… That sealing process can produce a smooth soap. What you did is perfectly fine. 🙂

  5. hi – this looks fascinating and i would like to try it – but my question is – when do i make the flowers or shapes for on top of my soap loaf – if i make them and let them set up and dry then place them on top of the loaf – wont they be too hard to cut when its time to cut the loaf of soap??? will they crumble or break or get pushed down into the new loaf of soap??? or do you make them just before you make your soap loaf and add them while still soft to the soap loaf???thanks

  6. Surprisingly the cold process embellishments can be easily cut through. Making embeds weeks in advance or the day of, either way will be fine.

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