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Easy to Make Soap Stones Rocks and Coupon

Sorcery Soap Stone Rocks

Two points in this newsletter

  1. Soap Stone Rock How-to Video
  2. Sorcery Soap Coupon for the actual book. Sorcery Soap only releases coupons 2-3 times a year. 

Easy to make soap stones and rocks with Sorcery Soap Dough!

If you’ve been wondering how to make soap stones, here you go. A video with speaking instructions on how to make these clever little soap stones.

New soaps coming soon!


For those who want a Sorcery Soap recipe book, “A Soap Recipe Book of Light and Shadow”…

  • 20 Soap / Cold process soap recipes
  • 10 Animal Product FREE recipes
  • Lots of Soaping Tips and Tricks, CHARTS and Surprises! 

Here is your Sorcery Soap Book coupon! This coupon is for 20% off the actual book. I pay $4.65 on every one of these books shipped within the United States.

How the coupon breaks down:

  • Regular price: $65 (white)     20% off Coupon = $52  
  • + I pay a portion of your shipping costs (applies to US shipping only), so you’ll get your book in 2-3 days.
  • Use “SorceryBook20” at check out and choose appropriate shipping.
  • Coupon good April 3-28.



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Moldable Soap Recipe by Sorcery Soap™

Boudica Sorcery Soap

Moldable Soap Recipe by Sorcery Soap™

Free Sorcery Soap dough recipe, video and information.

Blue Old Gnome Sorcery Soap Cookie

Your own moldable Sorcery Soap Kit here!

Sorcery Soap Dough 

 Get your copies of both Sorcery Soap books here!

More soap bar and soap dough recipes in both books, tips, tricks and insights to how to make and handle soap dough in both books.


This information is meant to help expand your soaping repertoire, explore more creative options (sans silicon molds) and to inspire you to new creative worlds! 

*Critical piece of information: Soap temperatures 70-85 degree fahrenheit. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Always keep the soap covered and sealed from air. Saponification does not need air, but curing does.
  • The amount of water in soap is important. It keeps the soap pliable and soft. This is the water percent I use, however, I live in the desert.
  • Keep the new soap sealed. If you are using a mold after 24-36 hours, un-mold and put in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Test your soap by rolling a small ball, examine how it feels. Is it sticky?
  • Use in 3-5 days.
  • Your soap dough should be ideal to use.

I will be posting another “lard free” recipe soon!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

When Working With your Soap Dough

  • When working with soap, use a muslin bag filled with corn starch to keep the soap from sticking to the work surface and itself. Too much corn starch will leave your soaps looking powdery so use with frugal care.
  • Spraying tools with 91% alcohol will keep cutters and plungers from sticking.
  • Spraying with water will make soap dissolve. Remember how soap behaves in the shower?
  • Once removed from the sealed container, soap will begin evaporation and curing.
  • Be patient with yourself, if you want to make embeds by hand, it will take time to learn.

See this video for consistency:

Soap Dough Moldable Soap Recipe by Sorcery Soap

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Soap Molding Consistency

This video shows the consistency of a pliable soap for soap molding. Make hand molded soap, use fondant tools or push this soap into a mold.

Let this soap cure and it will produce embeds that do not ash.

Please, ask me if you have questions. I’ll do my best to answer you quickly.

You can find me on any social media, I prefer contacting me through Facebook or email. soapwitch(at)

Visit this page for a simple soap recipe .

Soap Molding Consistency

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Soap Stones How-To and Video

Soap Stones

How To Make Soap Stones

In this video there are two different colored soaps: one is colored with cocoa powder and the other is colored with Mad Oils Gold mica.

Soap Stones

Both of these soaps  are cold process. The brown soap has a 34% water discount, whereas the gold has a 38% water discount. The brown is much smoother and less sticky, while the gold is a bit stickier. For these soaps stones both are fine, and the stickier gold soap is harder to work with, but effective for adherence.

Taking about equal parts of both colors and blending them together helps to create an appearance of stone. I use these little rocks for Koi Pond Soaps. I’m not trying to create a realistic stone, but one that conveys the idea of a stone. Purple Koi Soap

The other interesting appearance is the gold with the full water recipe contrasts against the solid opaque nature of the brown giving a gleam, or a slight translucence effect. This effect is difficult to see in the video.

Don’t worry about making them perfect, this is one time that having your soap look a little rough is to your advantage. 🙂

I’m more than happy to help you, if you have any questions. I have recipes here, that are wonderful for soap molding, more videos and how-to’s.

*In the video I’m spraying with 91% alcohol to smooth and dry the soap stones.

Email me at:

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Cut Soap with Miter Box

Tear Drop Soap

How To Cut Loaf of Soap with a Miter Box

Cut soap consistently and evenly for only $15!

I have included a video, however, I didn’t have a recently cured loaf so I tried to show the motion of how to cut a loaf of soap.

Some things to remember:

(I cut from right to left.)

  1. Place your recently unmolded soap on plastic wrap and then lay it inside your miter box. When you need to move the entire loaf, pull the plastic wrap and the soap won’t be marred on the bottom.
  2. Make a cut mark on the top of the miter box with a maker, to ensure uniform slices. There are hash marks, but hard to see.
  3. Spray both sides of the spackle knife with alcohol, this helps the knife slide through the soap.
  4. Hold the spackle knife (some call it a putty knife, but I see those as much smaller) in your right hand and line it inside the opening on the miter box.
  5. Keeping your loaf of soap flush with the right side of the miter box (or left if you’re left handed), eye up the other side, rock the knife toward to the other side of the miter box slot.
  6. Wipe spackle knife off in between cuts. Use a very clean knife for less clean up on individual bars.

If you don’t rock it, and just bring the knife down like a guillotine the soap will not be consistent. Also, hold the bar steady with opposite hand, because the pressure of cutting will move the entire loaf.

It is an exercise in concentration, however, it pays off. For $15 for the knife and box you’ll have crisp even bars every time, without the expense.

Soap Video Cutting with Miter Box

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Make Soap Sheep

Shaun the Sheep

These little soap sheep have only two colors of cold process soap, black and white.

This little sheep was based on “Shaun the Sheep,” which can be found on Youtube.

If you need tool take a look here: Tools

For a little, simple recipe, that I find cures very smooth: Soap Recipe


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Hand Molded Koi Fish Video

Watch how the koi of the Koi Pond Soap are made with this soap video.

Tools used in this video: Tools

Waiting until the soap hardens a bit to smooth out some roughness helps the whole koi fish to keep its parts.

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Soap Mouse Video

mouse and cheese soap

Follow Your Own Artistic Path

True Story of Mouse and Cheese Soap

I had an idea that involved a mouse and cheese pie shape, but  didn’t want to commit to an easily found silicone pie mold and wasn’t sure I’d like making pie shaped soaps. Being a person who loves using tools I have around the house, I avoid buying everything unnecessary…

Except when it comes to little luxuries like this soap – mouse and cheese soap.

Mice and Cheese Soap #gift #giftidea #lemongrassoap #artisansoap

I also have a philosophy to do more-with-less. This philosophy has strengthened what I know to be my best tool, creativity. Creativity cannot be created, purchased or manufactured. I discovered creativity is my one of my super powers. Read more… 

Hand molding little mice.

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Making Black Birds Pie

Making Black Bird Poison Pies

There was extra from my Honey Bee Soap, which has sodium lactate. SL is not great for molding soap, but usable. It causes little hard areas that take a lot of time to mash up. I used it because its also scented with Honey and that with the combination of Poison Pie, a mysterious fruit blend, is intoxicating. I like the irregularities of the pie dough and turned out ideal.

For more tools and resources: Read this… 

If you have questions about hand molding soap, ask here or write to me directly.

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How to Make Novel Soaps

Magical Titled Novel Soap

How to Make Novel Soaps

This How-To soap is cold process… All hand molded embeds made by Sorcery Soap is cold process.

It seems like its made with sorcery but its a straight forward cold process recipe.