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Winter Solstice and Soap Gifts

Sorcery Soap

As we approach the shortest day of the year I become reflective and quiet. Thinking of this past year, of all the great soapers and creatives in the Facebook Sorcery Creations group, all of you who have

Sorcery Soap
Sorcery Soap

believed in Sorcery Soaps and invited my version of magic into your homes – I feel incredibly grateful. You are my friends. Maybe not stop-by-for-coffee friends, but still, friends.

When Sorcery Soap began a few people who I considered friends had surprising things to say about my soap making adventures. One told me they hated “crafts” and that she wasn’t crafty. When I mentioned I started an Instagram page she said, “who’s really going to follow soap?” Someone else said, “I don’t use bar soap” so refused to accept my gifts. All this, as if my ideas had anything to do with them. Not one asked if I was happy making soap, peaceful, curious… In anyway, satisfied.

With great generosity in my heart and delight at my new found abilities and passion, I had gifted many of those same people soaps. Maybe not pretty, but certainly successful healthy soap. I had known these people for years. My desire for understanding, balance, seeking my truth and researching the healthiest options over the years had not impacted them at all.

The one person who has believed in me, never doubted, and endlessly encouraged me, was my man, my love, my moon and stars. He gave me a small amount of money to begin my experiments, thought I could make soap while I spent a year watching videos and asking questions, reading soap recipes and listening patiently to my endless excitement about my new information. He watched some soap videos with me. As you can guess, he was kind albeit bored. Not one time did he question my desire to learn, understand and research. He knew. He knows how much I like reading and investigating a subject.

Of all those people only one person purchased my soap – my ex-husband. He didn’t have to, I would have given him whatever soaps he wanted, but he insisted. He said, you spent time and want to… He and I had been married for many years, friends before and after our marriage. He wanted to support me and for the first time, purely free of ego and self-importance. It healed something between us. His purchase, (even asking for more) which was enough to encourage me. Just that. A man who had known me since I was just 23 (a lifetime ago) seemed to know how important this was for me.

Through soap I have met many amazing people. People who have stood for me, supported and encouraged me, overtly or simply by being kind. I have lost “friends”, realized more clearly who is important, and who can see me – who can see my mind’s manifestations. Revealing one’s creativity to those close would seem safe – friends – and showing strangers new creations would seem to make one vulnerable. I found the opposite. I have made greater and deeper connections from people all over the world, revealed my truer nature and found that to be a greater gift than to show that part of myself to those who I thought knew me. It was a massive rethinking, a shift and cleaning out of the old to embrace the new.

Cheers to all the new and possible soap friends! Cheers to your holiday with those who really do know you and those who you have yet to meet. Happy Holidays!


17 thoughts on “Winter Solstice and Soap Gifts

  1. Isn’t it amazing what soap can do?

    My friend made soap, and gave me some, and I was kind of dismissive. I didn’t think homemade soap could possibly be as good as store-bought. Then I tried it. I gave her full rights to laugh at me and rub in the “I told you so!” Which she did, gleefully. 😀 Now I hope to get my own soap business off the ground.

    This humble stuff is amazing in what it can accomplish. Ancient alchemists were so misguided by lead and gold! lol The real magic is with oils and lye!

    I’m sorry that it’s cost you friendships though. Hopefully the new bonds you’ve made have more than made up for the ones you lost.

    *hugs* <3

  2. Thank you Vanessence! Your kindness and thoughtful, and most honest, words hit the spot. I agree, and love how you are you!

  3. 💟🤗 It’s mutual, Bee! 💙

  4. I have been making soap for a little over a year now and there were 2 people who inspired me to get over my fear and get making soap, one was the soap queen herself Anne Marie and YOU! Thank you for being an awesome inspiration for myself, my daughter/partner and all of the other incredible soap makers out there! I too have lost so called friends due to them not understanding me or wanting to and it hurts but in the end those that stand by us no matter what are the ones that matter.

  5. Happy Holidays Bee…Your soaps are always an inspiration.

  6. From the first time I seen your soaps I could see the passion in your unique creativity. Your work is beyond awesome and you’ve been such an inspiration to me in my own soapmaking. I thank you so much for sharing your passion. Happy Holidays Bee😁

  7. Bee this blog reminds me how you are somehow my spirit sister 💫 I joke that all my friends live in my phone because I’ve given up on meaningless interactions for the sake of having an interaction at all. I can see your minds manifestations! You’ve found those who appreciate your vision and your gift.

  8. You are an inspiration. I hope to be able to purchase a soap making kit soon to add on to my creations. Keep up the good work. (A fellow fortune cookie soap maker!)

  9. Thank you for posting this! I’m so glad… To know you found a path forward. Now, I am “friend” to you! 😀

  10. And to you and your, Joan!

  11. My dear… Thank you for posting and I’m happy to make a connection with you! Happy Holidays!

  12. My dear, dear… ! I agree, whole heartedly. I see your work on Instagram and think “I KNOW her!” And love your new creations! I see you too. 😀

  13. New creations, ideas and surprises are on the horizon for 2018! I cannot wait to share with you!

  14. I’m so grateful for the bond you have made with me, Vanessence! Thank you for your magical comments, even when I don’t reply (because to reply I must reply sincerely or not at all) your comments brighten my day! 😀

  15. I think it’s like kindreds recognizing one another. 🙂 You have a very tender spirit, and I see that in you. *hugs* <3

  16. This is a very moving and deeply important part of you and message that youve shared with us and i deeply appreciate it (as i do of everything you do). But this is very touching at this moment the day I am happening to catch up amd read it— Jan 1st 2018. I am feeling something great that I cant yet fully put together from all you shared. What hit me most was that you had such support from your husband and from your ex husband. Its like they knew your vibrational need, want, capability, desire, ability to do the incredible work. I love that they did so with openness and authentic support. That is what deeply touches me.

    You I KNOW have that gift that you can do anything extremely well and make it beautifully your own piece from giving it a piece of your soul and light in different ways. You are one crafty witch and i even feel like you are a healer. You know the witch doctors? The wise elders? I feel you have that in your energy stream but that is just my thought.

    I am so happy these people were their to support you in your growth of finding your seed, and blooming into the mighty soapy witch artist scientist specialist that you are. May more people always support you authentically than those that loose their path.

    May you be healthy, happy and well always.

  17. My dear sweet Soap Sister! Thank you for your kind words. No better way to begin 2018! My have my deepest gratitude for every single word. Bee

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